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Okay I'll start by telling you about right when we got here. So we chilled at the airport for a while and then we moved to the buses and all of our stuff didn't fit so we had to fill like a big bus and then 2 vans with luggage ( please excuse my spelling in inglish lol) So i sat behind elder Hougaard on the bus and we talked a little and the drive I was just singing in my head, "On a cold and gray Chicago morn just another baby child is born in the ghetto. IN THE GHETTO!" Nah it wasn't that bad.  We got to the CCM at like 3 in the morning and they let us sleep in until 830!  What wonderful humans. So that day was pretty crazy, we just kind of got to know everything and did registration and stuff. We got put in our districts I think that day.  My companion is Hermana Luchi.  She is from Cali, a convert of a year and a half, she is 5´2" with dark short hair and brown eyes.  lol we stick out.  We are VERY different but we get along well.  She is going to Central as well.  My district has 2 sets of hermanas and 3 sets of elders.  The other set of hermanas in our district are awesome they are Staehli and Brasher and our elders are Hougaard, Anderson, Poulton, Petty, Golder, and Reidhead.  I LOVE my district.  Staehli is like the funniest girl ever.  We get along really well and Brasher too.  She is soo soo nice!  The elders are great too!  The really care about us so much.  They are kind of rowdy and very sarcastic but I feel like they're my brothers so esta bien. The ones coming to central are Hougaard and Anderson, who is from Canada and then Golder from New Zealand and Reidhead from arizona. We started teaching our first investigator in Spanish the 3rd day here.  It was rough.  My compañera struggles a lot with the language so that has been really hard on her.  We talk to the latinas a lot and they are so nice and helpful!  My Spanish is good.  I understand almost everything they say but i have a hard time responding and remembering conjugations.  My district thinks I know everything about Spanish though bc on the first day i just answered all the questions.  Well I kinda still do but I just translate what the teacher says all the time for them so all through class my district will say "Glassett como se dice" "Glassett como se escribe."  Everything and I'm like guys I don't know everything but I haven't let them down yet so I guess I know more than I think.

Teaching our investigator the next few times have been better.  I am trying to focus on not talking so much during the lesson and getting Luchi to say more bc she just struggles but poco a poco.  I don't remember what day (they all mix together) but Hermana Brasher wanted to go home.  She had been having the hardest few days and the language was hard and she just wanted to go home so we talked with our elders and we all said a prayer for her and they were so thoughtful and Reidhead gave me a talk on homesickness to give her and she is doing so much better and she is gonna stay!  Presidente and hermana Moore are amazing!  I love them both so so much and I talk to them all the time and they help me with my Spanish and its great!  ALSO THEY SAID I COULD DRINK MATÉ WOOOHOOO!!

Okay so Monday night we met with our investigator for the 3rd time and I had the feeling that we should not use our notes.  We wrote notes mostly so that we could remember what questions to ask and vocab but I just felt like we should let Heavenly Father help us.  So I told Luchi and she said she okay so we prayed before we knocked on his door and I said the prayer and the spirit was so strong I was crying.  I just said we have been studying and we have been trying and we really want Fausto to feel the spirit in this lesson please help us.  And it was like heavenly father was like FINALLY HERMANA GLASSETT I'VE BEEN TRYNA HELP YOU FOR DAYS!  So that was cool I felt the spirit in the lesson and I felt calm and Fausto seemed a little more interested so it was cool.

We have physical activity everyday and its dece but none of the hermanas really like/ re good at volleyball or soccer and when you play with the elders they stop trying so that's no fun.  But I'll figure it out.  Luchi doesn't love soccer so we just mostly play volleyball but I'm good with that.  BTW Cody ya cant buy shampoo here.  Idk why we asked the kid who doesn't wash his hair but yeah.  Hermana Moore gave me some more so I'm okay for now.  I love the hermanas in my dorm.  None of them are in my district but they are all really nice fun girls.  I live with Brinton and Salazar who I hung out with at the airport.

The food has been okay.  I think I'm losing weight though because I'm always hungry but I cant eat very much when it comes to meals.  woops.

We are going to the temple today at 2 and I'm very excited!

I´m loving it here!  I feel at home and I know this is where I'm supposed to be.  It's not easy but its' not supposed to be easy so ill make it through.


Hermana Glassett

P.S.  Mason if you go to the Peru CCM and want to know what its like ask me not Cody.

With Hermana Luchi

Luchi and Brasher

With Staehli and some blur...

not my dorm but I still love these girls

Hartline is my home girl she played soccer in hs so she will play with me.

The CCM es beautiful!  They already have christmas lights up.

Hermana Moore fixing Luchi's ingrown toenails.  She let me sit at her desk.

Selfie with Hermana Moore.


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