Wednesday, November 30, 2016

No hablo ingles pero no hablo español... ayudame (I don't speak English, but I don't speak Spanish.... Help me!)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wow what a week.  Let's see so after I emailed last pday we went to the temple and it was great.  The temple is SO TINY but very beautiful!

Then we met our 2 new investigators. So we finished with Fausto he is getting baptized and is very excited and now we have 2 more Christina and Dennis. Christina is Catholic and lives with her boyfriend and Dennis goes to church with his girlfriend who is Mormon so he is a little easier to teach.  Our first lesson with Christina was horrible.  All the elders in my district are so wonderful and helpful when ever I stress out which is a lot lol.

Thanksgiving was good they made us rice and pork or turkey and smushed potatoes.  It was the best meal I've eaten.  I am getting more used to the food everyday so I am not losing weight anymore I don't think. We had a fireside on thanksgiving after dinner about... Thanksgiving it was really good and helped me remember what I'm thankful for.

Okay so I lied we taught our last lesson with Fausto on Thursday I think and met our new investigators on Friday.  All the days blend together sorry these emails are LOCO!!

I have been having a hard time being focused during language study surprise surprise.  But I am always ready to go before my comp and we are on time mostly.  Also I keep my area very tidy!  AND I WORE MY GRINCH PAJAMA PANTS WOOOO I LOVE THE GRINCH!   Also all the hermanas are in the choir bc way less hermanas then elders so they need our voices but I basically sound like an elder so idk why I even go but esta bien.

Mi compañera had a little break down about Spanish this week.  But everyone is so nice to help her.  She is very frustrated because she wants to say so much and she feels like the language is coming very slow for her but she is doing well.  It is coming slow but everyone learns at a different pace.  I think she is feeling better now.  Another random thought, I love the latinas.  They are my bffs.  Every time they see me they just smile and ohh Hermana Glassett como esta and we chat in very broken Spanish and they are my people! They are hilarious and this one Hermana Calapucha de ecuador always tells me jokes and we pretend she speaks English.  Kind of a had to be there kind of thing. lol. 

I love my teachers.  Morning is Hna Acevedo and night is Hno Valeda and they are both so wonderful!  Hna is so sweet and helpful with hna Luchi and she just loves us so much.  I joke with her all the time and Hno Valeda is just SO FUNNY!!  He literally makes me crack up everyday!

Sunday was a great day.  Church is just solid. Relief society was so good we talked about Christlike attributes.  I have been studying Christlike attributes for personal study.  You should all do that.  I have learned so much in the PMG.  Just go to the Christlike attributes section and find one you want to work on and study it or study it just for fun its wonderful!

After lunch we had interviews with our branch presidency and it was so great!  Elder burton is just such a wonderful man and he just made me feel so good!  We had some more classes but the best part was Elder Bednar's talk.  The one about the 20 mark note and be a good boy and a good girl.  Zach or Cody if you remember or have notes on it share it with the family please!  It was on the spirit of course and it was just so motivating!  GREAT TALK!!  We talked about it with our district after and again I cannot explain to you how much I love my district!

On Monday we started learning grammar and so far so good!  I feel like iIhave so much Spanish in my head I forget how to speak English but I also don't speak Spanish so woops!  We did a really great activity on Monday where we were asked to teach some hermanas (Brinton and Salazar who I love and met at the airport) the resurrection and it was hard.  Probably the worst lesson ever.  I was doing everything my companion was completely lost and had no idea what I was saying or the investigador and then the investigator says, "I have a drug problem.   How can this help me?"  And I was like, "no sé."  SO I closed my eyes for 3 seconds and said heavenly father help.  And I opened my eyes and took a breather and he did.  It was really cool.  It wasn't the best lesson and it wasn't easy to explain or get to the point where the investigator felt good but when I needed words I had them.  Then Hna Gardener and Hna Taylor taught us and it was great!   It really helped me to see how a lesson could be. t Tey both talked equally and it was great!  So for our lesson with Dennis that night we decided to only preach for 5 minutes and to leve the rest of the time to talk to him!  It was s great lesson.  We were able to figure out that he had doubts in Jose Smith and so we taught him that and I bore testimony to him and so did Luchi and I could feel the spirit for the first time in a lesson and it was cool.

Tuesday we studied grammar again and then we taught Christina.  I have the resurrection down almost in Spanish so we finished teaching her that and she didn't read the bom so we asked her to do it again and pray about Joseph Smith.  I felt like this lesson went better as well we were able to simplify it and Luchi talked a lot more and I was able to look her in the eyes more when I was talking because I was remembering more.  We had a Christmas Devotional that night and after physical activity we did service which was cleaning the windows and I put Hna Staheli on my shoulders and we got all the tall parts it was way funny!!   The devotional was a Christmas one so we sang christmas songs and Elder Montoya spoke.  He spoke about putting others needs before your own.  I listened to everything in Spanish and then used the translation headphones for half of his talk.  I could understand most of it without though so that makes me feel good.  After that they turned all the lights on outside.  I wish I could have taken a pic.  They have lights on everything and then the people going to central talked with President Larson for a long time and it was really awesome!  I'm very excited to be serving under them!  Today we go to the temple at 2.  We played some REALLY good volleyball today with some elders and it was so fun!  Best volleyball I've played so far so I have hope!


Hna. Glassett

Hna Brahser who reminds me of Erica

President and Hermana Moore

I'm crouching down bc they are so short.  lol.  Love the latinas.

My latinas!!

They thought we had lice so we had to do a treatment.  But we don't so it's good.

Getting new sheets and bright sun.


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