Monday, August 14, 2017

livin a vida loca (i'm pretty sure that's not how it goes lol)

Monday, August 14, 2017

So this week was super crazy.  We did 2 divisions on Tuesday.  We were all day in the sector of 2 different companionships then we got home in time to go to an fhe of the ward but nobody came.  It was sad.  If y'all could send ideas on something we could do to help our ward feel the spirit of missionary work... yeah.

So then Wednesday we had some Hnas come to do intercambios and also Thursday.  I am learning from the Hnas how to explain the gospel short and sweet and powerful.  I learn so much when we get to have intercambios!  Also we see so many miracles. We were contacting and this man came up to us said he was at the point of getting baptized when he moved here to Lince so we visited him the next day and he is great he wants to get baptized but he's married to someone and has to get divorced so he can marry his girlfriend who is also married to someone else.  So we are working through that but he is really great!  Also, we got a call from the mom of a member who also can't get baptized bc she's not married and she gave us a referral who is great!!!  A yw.  Then through the system we got another referral who is great and we also got to talk to his daughter in law and they are both so interested.  But also not married.... Graciela (chela) however is married and is progressing toward her baptism.  Mayra has gotten back from her trip so we just have to find her.  And Abel is just struggling poor guy.  Mabel is doing great we are visiting her kids.  And Claudia is very happy.

This week also I started a 40 day fast from things that don't help me to have the spirit with me AT ALL TIMES!  So I made a list (a big one) of things that I am gonna change and with the help of the Lord I am gonna fast from these things for 40 days so that I can be a better representative of Christ at all times and in all things and in all places.  And it's crazy that when I started this fast I felt like I started to justify why doing some of the things on the list are okay.  They aren't that bad or I would think how is this something that keeps me from having the spirit it has nothing to do with it.  I am amazed at how fast and how hard the enemy works to get us to justify a little bit of sin.  In 2 Nefi it talks about that in 28:8 when it talks about the 2 churches.  The enemy tries to get us to think, but this isn't so bad, really nothing that I'm doing hurts anyone, this only has to do with me and how I feel, I feel fine doing this so what's the problem.  I have been learning now more than ever that the gospel is black and white, there cannot be gray and we cannot think that there is gray or that we are in gray bc if we think we are sitting on the gray or we do something bc its not THAT bad, we are leaving the companionship of the holy ghost.  And in doing so leaving the path that will bring us to eternal life.  ALSO I have been studying the atonement and the love of our savior, I know that Jesus Christ lives.  I know he loves me and I know he knows me.  He has felt my pain, my sadness and he died for my sins, the things I do everyday.  And he will save me from my sins, if I humble myself and repent, if I admit that what I'm doing is not following 100% his commandments and if I let him in to help me.  I made a promise with God the day I got baptized that I would always keep his commandments and he promised to help me.  I KNOW that if I do EVERYTHING in my power to keep my side of the promise, he will not only keep his side but he will make up for what I cannot do.  My savior is my rock, I love him.  And I invite you all to let your savior be your rock.  Try him see how strong of a foundation he is.  I promise that when you let Jesus Christ and his atonement hold you up he will not let you down.  I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Hna Glassett

last day of the elevator selfies in the hospital.

Intercambios with my comp from CCM Hna Luchi and Hna Cornejo.

pday de zona we played tennis. i don't have a pic of the zone or anything else but it was fun.

Monday, August 7, 2017

just another night it paradise REMIX

Monday, August 7, 2017

So this week started off normal.  It's always those weeks that get you.

We started with a meeting in the mission office with Pres.  It was great.  In July we had 106 baptisms in the mission so we made our goal of 196 for August its gonna be dope!  

But yeah then we had an activity on Thursday in the church and we were there it was super fun when we got a call from the personal secretary, Elder Crawford, and he said there is an Hna in the hospital and we had to go bc I was gonna stay the night with her there.  She is from Idaho, Hna Law.  She has 1 week in the field and I guess she ate something and she got real sick.  They said she had an infection in her stomach and I won't tell details but things were bad.  So she had been there since Tuesday.  We left Lince and went to the hospital which is in our zone and Hna Carrasco went back with the comp of Hna Law and I stayed there and slept on the couch!  (but this hospital is like super nice)  So the next day we had another meeting with Pres and Hna Larson and after I went back to the hospital and Hna Carrasco y Hna Mendieta worked in her sector for a bit.  Then I slept in Lince. 

Saturday seemed like it would be normal..... lol.  We had a baptism for Claudia.  The ward did not pull through like we hoped but it only started 30 minutes late and Claudia was still happy so it's fine.  Then at night we were walking around trying to find those who needed to come to church and we got a call from Elder Pender (assistant).  He said Hna Law fell after her endoscopia and hit her head and got knocked out and her brain is fine no bleeding nothing broken or fractured in her head or skull or face...... but she has lost all her memory of the mission.  She remembers the night before she left her house and nothing else.  So no Spanish so they said Hna Glassett you are gonna go stay with her the night so she can understand someone.  What else could go wrong right!.  lol  But I got there we slept.  Her head was hurting pretty bad but she is in good spirits.  The good thing is I think she knocked the infection out of herself bc her stomach is a lot better hahaha. Or maybe she's just not thinking about it bc she is concussed.  So yeah basically she just was on some anesthesia and she fell and knocked her self out.  And she hit hard bc she also knocked her memory out.  But as Sunday went on (yes I spent all Sunday in the hospital) she was remembering little things little by little.  So she is doing a lot better.  She has a concussion but is improving and today we are going to spend some time with her in the hospital and play games.  So this week consisted of lots of hospital not so much food and a whole lot of surprises.  Welcome to Peru.

My sector is dece.  We are on the prowl for those who are prepared and pumped to baptize them all!!

Les amo the church is true and miracles exist never stop believing!!!

Abel's baptism

brave and strong brave and strong lol

mi new compi

28th with our pensionista.  (Note:  Not sure what the significance of the 28th is.)

happy birthday peru 

Claudia's baptism 

not how i thought my Sunday would be spent lol 

i made a mess woops.... also this hosptal is pituCASA!! (still not for me im fine)

more happy birthday peru

elevator selfies in the clinic (not for me I'm fine)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

mil disculpas/a thousand apologies

Monday, July 31, 2017

So sorry that I didn't write last week I just forgot haha lol.

But yeah so last week with Hna ñaupa we were really working with Abel.  We visited him Wednesday and he said yeah I want to get baptized but like in 2 months.  Then we said Abel, you want to wait for the blessings to come!!  We returned Thursday and talked to him for a long time about the plan of salvation and why getting baptized is something he needs to do now not in a month.  He needs guidance of the spirit he is very lost.  So that day he accepted to get baptized but said he would be busy Saturday.  So we said yeah Sunday but this is something you are doing with God not us so are you sure you are gonna come and your aren't gonna leave him hanging?  And he said yeah.  So the next day we had another lesson with him at the church then he had his interview.  He said he was scared to get baptized but our district leader talked to him and helped him and when he left he was more excited for his baptism.  Then a member got there who helped get him excited and he got to hangout with them at a bachelor party for this guy who  is getting married all night so that also helped him get excited.  Saturday he stood us up in the cita we had but we called him and he was so happy and excited for his baptism.  So Sunday we went to his house to get him and he got baptized in cold water.  But after his baptism he said I didn't feel the cold.  I felt like the water was warm and a weight was lifted off of me.  He was so happy this day and it was literally a miracle. 

Cambios, la ñaupa se me fue!!  haha she went to Rimac!!!  She will be close to my Hna Meroy!!!  And now I'm with Hna Carrasco!!  Who I love so much!!!  I'm really happy to be with her.  She has lots of great ideas and is very diligent and ready to work hard.  We are gonna do great things in Lince.

This week was Peru's birthday so there were not many people and well it was kind of a rough week as far as success goes but we are getting lots of ideas for how we can get better.

We have been visiting a young woman named Claudia from Venezuela.  She will get baptized this Saturday.  There are so many miracles in Lince!


Love y'all
Hna Glassett

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Capilla Abierta/Open House

Monday, July 17, 2017

So this week was a slow week we had a lot of citas that fell and so we did a lot of walking.  But we were able to find people who are prepared.

We are working right now with Abel.  Still he wants to get baptized but every time his fecha comes his girlfriend talks to him.  She's really catholic and he gets all confused.  Whenever we are with him he is really excited but when we leave, the enemy (girlfriend), attacks and he doesn't show up for the citas or answer his phone.  So we are gonna work hard with him so he can understand the difference between temporal happiness and eternal happiness.  He gives me headaches.  He is a child living alone.

We are also working with Mayra.  She is great.  She just always stays asleep instead of going to church.  But she is really sweet and has the desire.

We are also working still with the family from Venezuela, shout out to my buddy Maria Jose!! jaja

Also Norma y Ronaldiño.  They are great but they do not have a great sense of direction.  Literally they always get lost on the way to the church.  But we are gonna show them where it is today haha so hopefully they will come this Sunday.

Today was pday de hermanas.  It's really fun to be able to have a relationship with so many and get to know so many hermanas but a lot of the time i feel like I'm babysitting. hahah  Shout out to the Whatcott's. I think about you guys all the time and miss you.  I bet you're all huge jaja!

We had a capilla abierta/open house this Saturday in our ward.  This ward is AWESOME!!  They planned so well and there were a BUNCH of people who came it was super awesome!!  We have some news also thanks to this activity.

Well it's week 6, I cant believe it!!  I hope I get another transfer with my Hermana ñaupa.  She is awesome I love her, but I guess we will see next Tuesday!!!  But as for this week we are just gonna keep wrecking havic hajaja!!!

The mission is best not only because I grow but I get to see so many others grow. 

Love y'all
Hna Glassett

Last pday we went to this museum it was dope

The zone

The hermanas

Lince. lol

Fourth of July

Intercambios with Callao and Mi Lizarbe

Bautismo of Mabel.

Pday of Hermanas

Pday of Hermanas

#prankswithsnakes hahaha

More of the zoo with mi compi and mi ex compi jaja.

This is a mission night we had it was awesome!!  My comp and I designed this Candyland board plan of salvation edition and our ward mission leader owns a printing shop and made it huge!!!  It was so fun!!! 

Monday, July 10, 2017


Monday, July 10, 2017

So this week we had multizonas so we didn't have many divisions or intercambios so you would think the week would be tranquilo no?  No.

The multizona was awesome!!  We are so motivated to have a baptism every week!!  So this week Mabel got baptized on Sunday morning and after confirmed!!

This week was so crazy but good!!  We did not have as much success as the last but it's okay bc that motivates us to do better.  Abel is gonna get baptized this week and we are still working with the family from Venezuela.

We had intercambios with Callao and I got to be with Hna Lizarbe.  She is so great!!  The cambios/transfer is going by way too fast!

My comp showed me something the other day that said God trusts us enough that he knows if we don't learn from following the commandments we will learn from falling down.  Well the translation isn't as beautiful. But basically God trusts us to handle what he throws at us.

Love you all,

Hna Glassett

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

170 Miracles

Monday, July 3, 2017

This week heavenly father humbled me to show my once again that without him I can do nothing.

So it was a very crazy week we had two intercambios with Santa Cruz and Jorge Chavez. (Editor's note.  I think these are areas in her zone.)  They were good.  We get a lot done those days with four hermanas in our sector.  We also had divisions which we also get a lot done bc we go to another sector and work with them there.  We went to Ama Kella.  We also went to Callao to plan with them.  Oh the dear hermanas.  We have lots of great Hermanas in the mission but they cannot seem to get out of their own way.   Many of them think that they can do it alone and better than their companion, their bishop, and God.  So that is hard but we are working on helping them all with LOTS of love haha.  so Saturday we had an open house in the church in Santa Cruz and we went and also we were supposed to have a baptism at 8 so we left to meet him.  His name is Abel he is 18 and living in lima alone.  His sister is on a mission and he has made some really bad decisions but wants to change.  Well we got there and he didn't for the baptism.  We ended up going to his house and he was helping this lady move and said, "I don't feel ready.  That's why I didn't go."  He just is so lost and so sad!!  So we met the lady who moved in and she is a miracle!  Her daughters are Mormon she just never got baptized. 

Then Sunday.  S nobody answered our calls and the people we passed by for were not home or ready so we showed up at church without one investigator.  I was feeling pretty crappy.  But during the sacrament I was praying and thinking about what Hermana Larson said in our meeting Saturday.  About how if we are obedient, have faith and do all we can do God will show us miracles.  So I started thinking have we done all we can this week so our investigators come and progress??  And right before the sacrament in came and investigator with her daughter.  I felt more calm during the sacrament bc I knew that we did all we could we were diligent and worked hard to help these people.  So I did my part I thought, God will do his.  And he did.  After the sacrament Hna ñaupa said that one investigator came named Paula.  Then I turned around and Abel was there sitting with the Elders.  That was a miracle.  After all we can do.  God pulls through.  Our investigator Mabel, who came with her daughter, who was unsure about her baptism the 9th said she was ready.  We went and visited Abel after church and he was able to understand better the atonement and why he needed to get baptized.  Then we passed by for a referncia and were able to find a family of Venezolanos who have been in Peru from 7 months to 1 month.  They have family who are members and were listening to the missionaries in Venezuela!  They are so prepared and so nice.  Very humble bc of what they have been through in Venezuela.  They have almost nothing but God has been preparing them for years to know his gospel.

This week I have done very little and God has done a lot.  But my testimony has been strengthened and I know now more than ever that my work here is the work of salvation.  This is the Lord's work.  And the Lord trusts the weak to do his work.  The lord has trusted in me to be an instrument in his hands and if I do I will see miracles.

I know that we cannot make it through this life alone.  If we could, Christ would not have come to the earth.  His atonement is a gift. The price has been paid, we just need to humble ourselves enough to see it and use it.  Let him in.

Les amo mucho

Hna Glassett 

Intercambios with Santa Cruz.

Pretty sure Erin freaked out the poor Hermana on the left. 
Intercambios with Jorge Chavez.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Send help

Monday, June 26, 2017

I still haVE NOT LEARNED HOW TO MANAGE MY TIME IN WRITING oh look at that caps lock was on haha lol my life is a chiste/joke.

Yeah you guessed it.  I don't know how to do this.  I only have 7 months but God likes to throw me in fire and watch me LIGHT EVERYTHING UP!!!  hahaha 

I'm good my comp is awesome and she helps me a lot.  I just keep it loosey goosey and don't stress over the little things.

So my comp and I have to help five companionships of hermanas.  Two in our zone and three in two other zones.  We do intercambios with them go to their zone and do divisions and call them to see how they are doing, follow up with their investigators and give advice.  Don't know why I'm doing this bc I still need advice but oh well!!!  haha   Basically anytime the hermanas are sick have a question about rules or are causing problems (don't get along with their comp, pide, lack of caridad/charity are what we have been seeing lately) we either go to their sector and have divisions or call them. We are in contact with the assistants and Hna Larson a lot and also the district and zone leaders of the hermanas.  Super loco but God is helping me.

My house is a little bigger but still not big.  There are two rooms though and a bathroom but when we do intercambios (a companionship comes to our sector and we work 4 in one sector and they stay over night) they have to sleep on the floor.  haha.  It seriously has been the craziest two weeks ever and the cambio is almost halfway over.

This week was crazy busy!!!!!  Intercambios divisions!! and lots of running around but we should hopefully have two baptisms this weekend with faith and things are going great here in lince.  I PROMISE next week I will write more hahaha

Love y'all
Hna Glassett

my new compi

Intercambios with Hna Chandler and Anderson from Idaho.