Monday, October 16, 2017


Monday, October 16, 2017

I actually think I just live with my eyes closed all the time bc I NEVER SEE THE WEEKS PASS!!  Well yeah I've hit 11 months in the mission and I feel like I just got here woops.

This week was sick bc we found a family. Gilmer, Karina, Melissa, Allison, and Astrid.   Melissa is 10, Allison 6 and Astrid 1.  Gilmer and Karina aren't married but they are great!!!  And they came to church!!!  All 5 of them!!!!  It makes me so happy to share this message with a family bc it helps me remember how important it is for the families to know this!!  This week we have been sharing with the people we contact The Family a Proclamation Para el Mundo  (lol - she typed half of the title in English and half in Spanish)  and it is cool bc it applies to all types of people and families!!!  

Also Pricila from last week came to church!  We were praying a lot! that she would come bc they have traditions Sunday morning with her parents but they all 3 came and it was such a blessing!!!  Diego is now in classes to get the melquisedec priesthood in November!!  And Claudia brought her sister in law to church.  Mabel moved to the elder's sector but they are teaching her daughters and they are gonna get baptized!!!  Abel is a little lost right now so that makes me sad but I will keep looking for him.  This week also we have been calling Milton!  He doesn't have time during the week but he came to church!!  He is a really nice humble guy looking for the truth!! 

This week was cool bc I was able to put into practice more personal repentance and I am so grateful to be able to repent everyday and know that on Sunday that sin will be washed clean again.  I know what I'm sharing with these people is essential to the exaltation and I'm happy as a clam to share it.

Tomorrow morning I will kill my comp and send her off to Chiclayo and receive a new one but she worked hard until the last minute and it has been a great 2 transfers with her.

Love you all!!!!

Hna Glassett

Monday, October 9, 2017

I don't even know

Monday, October 9, 2017

So once again I didn't see the week that passed by.  Cambios are next week and I will kill me dear compi. 

This week we did 2 intercambios with Hna Law and Anderson and Hna Huerta and Cornejo.  We saw miracles. This week we found (with Hna Huerta) Pricila and her kids.  We thought the cita wasn't very set but she was waiting for us.  We shared a scripture with her and talked about the atonement.  Her pareja left her a few years ago.  She has two kids, Nicolas 10 and Franchesca 8. And they are both from different fathers.  The father of Franchesca left them and it has hit them very hard.  Fanchesca is very sad she just wants a dad and Pricila is so strong.  She does so much for her kids and is also hurting.  She needs someone to talk to bc her poor kids are her only therapists.  She is great.  She didn't come to church though so that made us sad.

Also Milton is a ysa who is great!  He is looking for God and a religion.  He is so humble.  He is from the sierra (they are great people) but this week the biggest success we had was the fhe.  We started when Hna Carrasco got here doing fhe in houses of members.  And they started off small but they slowly are getting bigger and bigger and better too!!!  We had two this week and they were a great success. 

We are still working on Roberto.  He is just confused and trying to find out who he is.

This week I have been studying a lot about the atonement and something I learned about grace is very interesting.  I have always heard his grace is sufficient and it is true, to an extent.  In 2 Nefi 25:23 it says after all you can do his grace is sufficient.  I learned this week that the grace of Christ is sufficient when I have put in all my effort.  All of it.  God knows I can't do everything but he also knows what I can do if I strive everyday to follow him.  And if I live up to that and always put in my best effort his grace is sufficient.  His grace is sufficient AFTER I have done all I can.  If I don't do my part or strive at all times to complete my side of the promise then his grace is not sufficient.  His grace and our eternal life is 100% dependent on our effort on the earth.  I invite you all to make any changes you need to NOW so that your life can be in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Put in your best effort, and when you do his grace is sufficient. 

I love you all

Hna Glassett

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The yapa (not quite sure what that means. Cody was taught to use the word when asking for more food.)

Monday, October 2, 2017

Sooo this week was soooo important.  bc conference.  We had to make plans and think of all the people who we wanted to go to conference.  So the week started off with some sick miracles. (I really liked that talk about the miracles) we had intercambios I was with Hna Cazon de Argentina.  We found 2 new Hnitas to teach who are so great and it was a real miracle.  The next day we had a fhe planned and we were able to bring a jovencito, he is not very interested in God but he is always willing to come to the activities that we invite him to.  His name is Roberto, he is 17.  We also planned an activity for the night before conference.  The vispera/eve.  And we watched videos and had an fhe and played games.  It was really awesome!  Friday before the fhe we got a call..... hnas come to the office right now.  So we had to go pick up another little friend.  We will have Hna Zaldivar with us until tomorrow.  Otra vez/Again el trio explosivo!!  haha.

So conference Saturday nobody came, in the members.  But Sunday was dope.  Our mission leader has a car and the ward pays a taxi to pick up recent converts for Sunday sooooo, (ALSO we can do divisions with members Sunday morning to recover more people) so since trio.  We only need one person!  So i went with Hna Zaldivar and my compi with colores (member) and we went to get an abuelita who lives by the church.  Someone had already offered to take her in their car, so we went to get Roberto.  He came with his BROTHER!  Then we went to find the car.  They were a few cuadras up and so we walked to meet them there.  My comp had sent off a group of 4 with my ward mission leader and we were waiting for the taxi.  So we were waiting with a group of 3 missionaries 2 members and 2 investigators and we had only one car.  When MIRACLE!!! Pulled up 2 different members with cars and 4 seats open!  So they all went and we just were left waiting then the taxi got there!!!  It was a miracle.  I was then able to watch conference in English and it was the best.  I loved how they talked so much about the Book of Mormon.  And I loved the talk about miracles and also they talked a lot about following the prophet.  I know the church is true.  Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God.  And if his advice for us is read the Book of Mormon everyday DO IT!

I love you all

Hna Glassett
Diego's baptism

In the clinic visiting again.

Knocking doors in a hotel... (to find an investigator)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Monday, September 26, 2017

Right before the rainbow and sunshine there is always a storm. 

I testify that this quote is true for so many reasons.  So this week we were working really hard to help Diego get baptized!  He passed his interview!!!  It was a big relief bc he had told us I want to get baptized but I don't know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. (that's one of the questions) so we were worried that he would not overcome this but he was able to overcome it.  He passed his interview but then he was busy so Saturday morning before his baptism that night we taught him and he said can we not postpone the baptism.  WHAAAT.  The night before he had said over the phone he was really excited!!!  So we asked why and he said his mom that morning said his dad were not in agreement with the decision and he wanted his dad's approval.  So he went to talk to him after the visit and he was there alllll day!!!!  It was crazy!!  So we were worried he wouldn't show then we also had the women's conference.  And we had the baptism at 830 and the conference ended at 830 so we left RUNNING!!!  to get to our church in Lince and we arrived before diego!!!  MORE STRESS!  Will he come or not!!!  So i was really stressed!!!  Then all of the sudden there was a family there!!  HIS WHOLE FAMILY CAME!!!  H was so happy and after he got baptized he said he knew he was on the path of happiness!!!!  He is so special.  He was prepared and I'm so grateful I could see his progress. 

I know this path is the path of happiness.  People like Diego make it worth it.

Love you all and always remember that when times are tough it's because something really great is coming around the corner.

Hermana Glassett

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I just blinked

 This picture inserted itself here and maybe it's not a bad place for it because this is what Erin gets to see most days in Lima.  For about eight months of the year, there isn't much sun, little rain and this is the color you see that is all encompassing from the ground to the sky.  It isn't fog and it isn't clouds.  It's a strange mixture of both.

Monday, September 18, 2017

I'm sorry about last week and no group email.  I just blinked and here I am, new pday, new internet, same me lol.  So last week let's seeeeeeeeeee Diegoooo!!!  He came to the church open house in July then he texted us in the beginning of this month bc we never found him after and said he wanted to come to activities.  So we are teaching him and he will get baptized this Saturday.  He is awesome!!!   He hasn't yet received his answer about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon but he is so ready to get baptized.  He's a miracle.

Also we are still working with Kevin.  He went to church last week but this week we only found him once.  His niece is great too but the challenge is finding them. 

This week also ELDER OAKS CAME TO PERU!!  It was sick.  He talked about the Book of Mormon, having real intent, and lots of other stuff that was perfect.  Also Bishop Causse talked about experiencing the atonement every morning and night.  The conference was in the church by the CCM.  It had three missions there and it was the best!  We also had a meeting with Pres and we decided we are going to change the standards of excellence in the mission to 150 baptism a month.  That means every companionship has to do 2 every month.  So my comp and I are really excited.  We have got some good plans to get us up to every week.  We also had intercambios this week.  The trio came lol.  I was with Hna Macias de Honduras!!!  She is so small lol.  It was good.  I always learn a lot from intercambios.

Last pday we went to barranco bc it's pretty and we wanted to take pictures.  This week went by so fast I don't even really remember what happened but I'm alive so ALLL ISS WEEEELLLLLL!! haha

Love you all
Hna Glassett

Happy Birthday Mama!

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A baked chicken and french fries is very common in Peru, however, this looks much different and much more appetizing than what Cody had in his mission.  Erin was given instructions to treat her friends to a delicious dessert and ask them to celebrate with her.

The zone

Just the Hnas.


My comp stole coffee from an investigators house lol.  Those who served missions already know that sometimes missionaries take things from the homes of investigators to help them avoid the temptation.  

Pday volleyball

This is the day I lost my voice.

With the things we love most lol

My homeless socks

The bishops wife gave us popcorn and oatmeal.  (Oatmeal is often served as a drink with breakfast.  It's like a thin version of "mush" that we ate years ago with not sweetener.)

Pday volleyball with the zone.

The day of Elder Oaks.

Last pday at Barranco.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I think she forgot about the group email this week.

Monday, September 11, 2017

So It appears that our Sweet Hermana Erin may have been overwhelmed with responding to our individual letters that she forgot to give us a report of her week in a group email.  Here's a little update.

Transfers were last week and she stayed in Lince with Hna Carrasco.  Erin thinks she will be in Lince for another transfer or two for sure.  That would be six months in each area thus far. 

The Hermana who made up their trio for the last week and a half of the transfer was actually the Hermana who was unkind to the other Hermana but Erin assured me she and Carrasco found the iceberg within and now she's gonna be great.  Those are her words, not mine.  :  )

She is physically and emotionally tired and doesn't trust anyone to cut her hair so she trims it herself every few weeks.  

That's about all the update she gave us.  

Thanks to all for your prayers and support!!  

Hna Gomez

Hna Carrasco

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

el terrible trio

Monday, September 5, 2017

So this week we saw a bunch of miracles everyday.  It was weird being in a trio but it worked well and we had a good time!!  We are still working with Graciela and Celia.  Their situations are still the same.  Also we are working with Diego.  We have not been able to teach him this week.  He went to the activity we had though!  This week we had a movie night and they played the testaments and we invited a bunch of people and they made popcorn and the members and non members came so it was great!!  A good turnout and during the movie we had our meeting with the ward mission leader.  Best of both worlds.

This week we also found a family who lives in front of the church and they are great they have had the missionary visits before and they are super receptive.  They aren't married though so that will be their challenge but they are great so we are gonna keep working with them. 

Also we found a kid who is not really into the whole religion thing, he has never been close to any religion he says and so bc of that he doesn't know who God is he doesn't understand Christ, and he lives just to live.  He doesn't know his purpose, he doesn't understand the atonement or that there is a plan.  It is really sad to teach him.  The saddest part though is that he doesn't really seem to care.  Sometimes he asks us so what's your purpose, what's the purpose of life but it doesn't really seem to bother him that he doesn't know why he's here and what he is supposed to do here and a goal for where he wants to go.  In the process of teaching him I had to think about my purpose on earth.  And thinking about it without Christ there isn't one.  But when you put Christ in the mix everything has meaning.  Our purpose it to be like Christ, follow everything he did, and strive to keep the promises we have made with our Heavenly Father.  That is the plan and when we follow the plan we can achieve the goal which is live eternally with God, Jesus Christ and our families.  I am so grateful that I know about this plan and that I have a goal.  That I have a savior and that I know him and know about his atonement.  18 months is not long enough to tell everyone about this glorious gospel.  I am so happy to do it.  The hard part is when their own pride won't let them except it.  Kevin (the kid I'm talking about) is 21, he has a niece who is 19 and she is great she accepted baptism and she is really sweet she understands and accepts the plan more than Kevin.  Her name is Nicole we found her last night after a really long day of trials.  There are miracles everywhere I look.  And as much as my heart breaks for those who choose not to let the gospel and the plan of salvation give their life hope, the ones who accept make it all worth it. 

My invitation this week is that you can all take a step back and look at your life.  Think about your purpose, why are you here and where are you going.  I know that Christ lives.  He is the reason for everything I have, do and everything I will do.  I love you all more than you can understand.

Hermana Glassett

We rode bikes a few pdays ago in Miraflores and to this beautiful site.

more about bikes

This lady wanted a pic with me lol.

We also went to the market.

Last weeks pday my Hna Meroy. 

my family (my mom, me, my daughter, and grand daughter)

My compi y yo with Hna Larson