Monday, May 14, 2018

We Out

Monday, May 14, 2018

So, ... 

if ya wanna know how my last week of the mission was, come to my house and see me yo.  And bring me gifts of strawberries and lettuce.

The church es super true.

Hna Glassett

Monday, May 7, 2018

Just another week in Paradise

Monday, May 7, 2018

So last week my letter was absurda/ridiculous, I understand sorry.  haha I hope that helps y'all understand my mental state rn jokes, but really.

Last week on Thursday I was informed that my comp would go to another area and I would stay in Rimac.  Due to some events that happened soon after we both left Rimac and we are now in a trio in Bolivar and there are two new Hnas in Rimac.  Due to me spending almost 12 months of my mission in Rimac, Pres has allowed for me to go back every other day to work there bc Hna Rimac is my name.  So I have been in Bolivar which is pueblo libre district (super pitico/tiny) and going back and forth to Rimac working with Hna Erickson and Cortez.  It has been crazy. 

Jacqueline, our investigator from Rimac is getting baptized on the 19th.  Maria, our investigator got baptized!!  The last week in April!!  We got to go it was awesome!!

Here in Bolivar the members are super awesome which is good bc knocking doors does not work here.  So they are helping us a lot.

Guillermo is on goal to not smoke for one more week and if he does then he can get baptized.  He is doing great.  So far we see him every day and he is getting better and better.  We are also visiting a bunch of Venezolanos bc they are the only people here humble enough to accepts us.  They are super awesome!!

This sector is super diff from Rimac so it's super weird but it is a good place to be and I love my new compi, she makes life so funny!!  She is from New Zealand, her name is Hna Acarapi. 

I cannot believe the time has gone so fast.  I still feel like I have so many things to learn but I can't keep hiding from the clock.  Next week I will probs just write something short bc that's kind of nonsense to send a long letter and see you the next day so I want to share my testimony before I end my time here. 

This work changes hearts.  My heart has been changed.  I know who I am and I know what my Father in Heaven expects of me and I know that through Christ I can make the impossible possible.  This gospel is a gift.  I feel very blessed to have a week more to share it.  There is only one way to find joy in this life and that is through Jesus Christ.  He lives and he beat the world and because he did ,so can I and so can you.  I'm grateful for the unconditional love a perfect God has for his very imperfect children and I know he knows me and worries about me and is taking care of me.  There is no battle that I cannot win with his help.  This life is not easy but if it were it wouldn't be any fun.  Thanks to our Savior there can be joy in the journey.

I love you all

Hna Glassett

Monday, April 30, 2018

This week ....

Monday, April 30, 2018

... was crazy.  I'm in a trio in Bolivar with Hna Acarapi and Hna Baez.  Hna Acarapi is the best.  She is from New Zealand.

Sorry no time.  Love ya'll.  The church is true.

Monday, April 23, 2018

No se

Monday, April 23, 2018

This week passed so fast and it was a hard one.  We had interviews with pres, those are always great!  Intercambios and divisions with Hna Erickson and Silva, they are awesome!  And I turned 21...

Yeah, so not much time but this week we found a really old couple haha and the wife can't hear so the husband just was saying he is Catholic bc he has visited others and the Catholic is the truth and we just shared a scripture about the plan of salvation from the Book of Mormon and he loved it.  He then had a bunch of questions and with every question the HG gave us a scripture to show him the answer.  He and his wife came to church this Sunday and Sunday night we visited them and he said he wanted to get baptized.  Miracle.  They are Jorge and Ana.

Also the Venezuelan fam came to church.  Yureny brought her pareja/companion who doesn't believe much in God.  They liked church and they said they are gonna come next week!!

Also Haydee came!!  Without he kids but she came and she loved the church!!!

And there is another fam from Venezuela who we contacted and they were a ref for the elders from ciudad y campo.  They came to church and the elders visited them and they accepted fecha!!!

Also we found Jaqueline who is the best and loves our church already bc of the service that we do and she will come next week to church!!

Even though the week was a very trying one God has blessed us with people who need his gospel. 

I know this gospel is the answer to any problem or trial we could pass through and if we think we can pass thought life without it or working on our own it is gonna be a long bumpy road.  God loves us and wants to help us, we just have to let him. 

Love you all,

Hna Rimac
My birthday.  This ward is the best.  Yes they made me put that crown on mom and no I didn't want to.

Yes that is a poncho Mason you bet your bottom dollar.

also papa, para q veas q tomo mate, jajaj./dad, so that you see that I do drink mate, haha.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Monday, April 15, 2018

This week on Wednesday, my comp had her birthday and now mine is tomorrow.  Super weird to think that I'm gonna be 21.  I feel so old. 

This week we have worked hard.  We found a bunch of people who are SUPER AWESOME!!!  But nobody came to church.  Just one Venezolano (shout out to Maria Jose).

But yeah, this week we are gonna have to drop a lot of people to find those who will come to church. 

This week I have learned about faith.  I have been praying every day to not stress about the logros/achievements or baptisms or anything and just have the energy and animos to work hard everyday and put the rest in God's hands.  Well this week by Thursday we only had found three new people.  So four our mission that is low, for Rimac SUPER LOW!  By Thursday we should have like seven news, and the goal during the week is 10.  So we knew we needed to increase them and I started to get stress.  But I said a prayer that night to now stress and work hard and we found six on Saturday who are great and some accepted fecha so I know that God knows me and has my back even in the simple things I need like to not stress.

So right now we are teaching Maria.  She is super awesome and basically a dry Mormon but she needs to get married or separated but her pareja doesn't want to get married but they live together and she wants to get baptized.  So we are praying for that to happen.  

Julio is Luciana's brother,  He wants to get but his mom won't give him permission yet so I think he got a little discouraged he didn't come to church this week.  

Other Julio who is in a wheel chair and is a great guy.  He feels less than others bc of his chair and want to feel loved.

Teodulfo, Venezolano, who believes a lot in fasting hahaha.  He said he fasted once for seven days and his daughter is like you're crazy, that is impossible, haha then he said just try it, hints, three days no mas just give it a shot.  I was like NOOO three days!!  I go three hours and I'm hungry.  I'm not tryna die boi!  haha  He said a preacher did a 40 days fast and now he's dead.  I said, "what killed him, the fast???"  haha  No it wasn't the fast but that would have been ironic.  Anyway that guy is way funny and his daughter is super awesome we we'll see if we baptize them I hope!!!  

Also, Victor, the son of Manuel, the 93 year old,  and Caesar, the husband of Juana, my other convert!  They are chuggen along... not much else to say

We finally have desks to now I don't have to study on the floor and hot water which means hot water shower. 


The church is true!!

Hna Glassett

A member did this for us for our birthdays.  My comp is 11 April. 

This is the patriarch's wife she is so sweet!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Monday, April 9, 2018

So this week was super fast bc we worked our butts off!!!  We have been dropping a lot of people who are not progressing and looking for people who are prepared!! 

Luciana got baptized and her mom gave permission for her brother to be baptized too!!  We are visiting now her parents hoping to get them married then baptized too!!

My thoughts this week have been about obedience (I often think about that now).  Bc it is the most basic principle but the hardest and the one that if everyone could understand we would live for years in peace like the Book of Mormon.  I know that obedience brings blessings and the blessings are way bigger than we could ever imagine.  It doesn't matter the commandment if we choose to be obedient "just because" we will receive 100 times more.  

The church is true and it's a blessing to be a part of it.

Don't treat casually the truths we have thanks to the restoration bc casualness leads to casualties. 

(please excuse my English) (Note:  Thankfully edited prior to this being published.)

I love you all

Hna Glassett

An extra bonus from her personal letter... 

My week has been good and very fast.  We are working as hard as we can and I am....... hold onto your chair.

teaching my companion how to use her time efficiently (spelled terribly wrong)  

I don't know how I learned that but I cannot not use my time efficiently.  Every time I want to just sit for a bit and do nothing I remember this is the Lord's time not mine and I'm like yaaaa vamos!!!

This is me when someone gets baptized.

This is Luciana.

Monday, April 2, 2018


Monday, April 2, 2018

So conference was the best.  I have 0 to literally say so I'll just tell you my fave talk was from Pres Oaks and Elder Wakolo.

Tomorrow are transfers and I start my last transfer.  I'm ready to work hard and baptize.  #justanotherdayinparadise

You can watch or read or listen to the talks if you want to know my spiritual message for the week bc prophets of the Lord know better than me. 

Follow the prophet





I know that to be true

do you?


Hna Glassett