Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Was Up

Monday, November 13, 2017

What the kids all yell at me in the street. 

So this week once again was a week FULLL of emotional drainage.  I never knew at 20 years old I could worry so much in my life.  So Priscila is getting kicked out of her house and who is the first person she called?  Us.  She said she had lost her faith she had no hope, why is this happening to her if she is trying to do everything right.  We have been trying to help her look for a little room to live in without losing focus of all our other investigators who also have lots of problems.  Hector really wants to get baptized but he smokes all the time and he has to stop but we don't know when he will be able to and it will be very difficult for him bc all his family smokes too, all the time.  We found a new family this week.  Moises and Katy they are super awesome and Moises accepted fecha but then the next day his dad died.  Doris is a little cold now since the death of her cousin.  And we found a different family who came to church all except the mom.  They are not married and their relationship is not good right now but the dad wants to change and be a happy family he loves his parja and his 3 daughters.  When he got to church he said she had kicked him out of the house and she is with another man.  This poor man cried his eyes out in the church and just said my heart hurts.  So the question this week is why do the big trials come when people are trying to do the right thing?  Why is it that when they are trying finally to do something good some huge trial comes?

Well, the best answer I have found is in a talk by Jeffrey R. Holland.  Missionary Work and the Atonement.  Salvation is not a cheap process.  It is not easy for us bc it was never easy for him.  This work is not an easy work and the changes these people are making are not easy.  This week I doubted my faith.  This week I doubted that all would be well.  This week has been one of my most trying weeks in the mission.  But bc this week had tried my faith has grown.  In a moment of lots of doubt, I received the answer that all would be well from my Father in Heaven.  I now have peace with the outcome of all these different situations.  I don't know how it will turnout but I know that all will be well.  And I trust more that the outcome is how he wants it to be. 

I know I have written this quote a lot but this quote is what has gotten me through some of the most difficult moments I have had here in Peru.  So I share it hoping that it will share the peace and hope with you that it gave to me. 

be believing

be happy

don't be discouraged

things will be okay

I love you all

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

huaca huaca ay ay


Monday, November 6, 2017.

Huaca is a ruin in Peruvian haha.  We went there for pday today. 

So this week was a very trying week to put it in one sentence.  We were in trio all week for the last week of the mission for Hermana Huerta.  She finished and she will be great in Utah.  And because we were in trio we got to go eat lunch with her and Pres and Hna Larson for her last day and we got to eat CEVICHE!! It's so yummy I love it!!!! 

But yeah, missionary stuff.  Priscila is a lot better.  She needs a lot of help still but she is doing better.  Now I'm gonna tell y'all about Hector!! 

He is a miracle bc when we met him we thought he was just asking questions for curiosity and had no real interest.  But we visited with him this week and talked about the word of wisdom and repentance and he actually cared!  He committed to go to church and when we went by to get him Sunday he was almost ready!  It was stake conference!  He said he had not gone to a party the night before with his friends bc he knew he was gonna come to church!  And he LOVED it!! There he decided that he was gonna come the next week in talking to members and also go play soccer Wednesday and GET BAPTIZED!  When we invited him he said no but in the church he said he feels like he needs to do it!  He has a daughter who is 5 and lives with the mom.  He is like 40 but he is very willing to get better.  He is just scared to fall after!!  He loves most that we enter the meetings happy and leave happier he said.  He said he had never been to or seen a church where after the meetings everyone stays and talks and laughs and has a good time.  How great it is to know that the gospel that brings us so much joy shows in the way we act.  

Shine your light bc people are watching. 

I'm just seeing miracles all the days here in Lima and I'm happy as a clam about it.  

Love you all

Hermana Glassett   

haha i read jacob 5 too the other day in spanish it was confusing but i drew a little picture to help.... ill send it

Monday, October 30, 2017


Monday, October 30, 2017

So this week has tested my patience and my emotional and mental strength more than I ever thought it could.  But I have learned that God helps me to stay calm in situations SUPER UN CALM!  haha

So the week started off normal.  Two intercambios, a bunch of citas, lots of fun, divisions.  We had lost Priscila all week and Elvira.  We found Priscila, Elvira no.  Doris is new also she is awesome and very excited for her baptism.  We hare seeing lots of blessings in finding new people to teach. 

It was a good week and normal just worrying about investigators and the Hnas like usual.  Until we got a call Friday night that said we needed to go tomorrow and pick up another yapa.  So yes, once again, I am in trio for a bit.  The poor hermana is not doing so well.  She is dealing with a lot of things she can't control and so her actions are a little less than 20 year old. (I more or less feel like I'm babysitting) but I have learned to put a firm hand with love.  We will see what happens today if we stay in trio or no. 

ALSO!  We found Priscila! Friday!  So we visited again Saturday and she came to church with her kids Sunday and they were so happy like usual.  Then we got a call at 6 and she said, "Glassett, God doesn't exist we can't go to church anymore" and some other very strong stuff that cause a whole lot of worry.  Well we made it to her house in 30 minutes and she was NOT in a good place.  I have never been more grateful to be able to say and KNOW I am a representative of Jesus Christ bc that is the only way I knew what to say.   This poor woman has been through a LOT of hard stuff and now her ex has left them alone.  He is not gonna help with anything.  And poor Priscila has emotional and mental problems bc of him and her daughter too.  But Priscila has no one to share it with.  She just keeps it all in.  She was in a very bad place last night thinking some very bad things and planning some horrible things and nothing we said got through to her.  Until finally we were able to tell her we don't understand what you are going through, we are young, but you know what we understand, the atonement and the love of Christ and we understand how you can feel better but you have to trust us and let us okay?  And it broke my heart she just looked at my with her eyes red and swollen from tears and said, "Glassett, what do I do?"  In this moment I should have thought, I'm 20 years old I don't know!  But HF gave me the words and I told her what to do and we were able to calm her down enough to change the plans she had made for the next day.  We are going to visit her everyday and put all our heart into helping her feel and understand the atonement.  It was a peaceful feeling for me after she called bc I was able to think it doesn't matter what has happened to her.  The message I share will help her overcome.  I know this message is the only one that can help everyone to have hope for a better life, to trust in a God that exists and his son that gave everything for us. 2 Nefi 26:24.  This is the message of salvation.  This is vital.  What I would tell to anyone preparing for a mission or bueno in anything.  Everything goes a whole lot more like God has planned when you let him do what he has planned and trust that his plans are better than yours.  He is the master planner.  So it doesn't matter how much you know, how well you have studied, how good of a plan you have made for yourself or the expectations you have set.  When you let yourself be a disciple of Christ by truly following him and letting God plan your life how he would like it then you will have joy in this life and the life to come.  Know that doesn't mean don't do anything and wait for God to throw it all together.  Go to church.  Read the Book of Mormon EVERYDAY.  Pray sincerely always and put God first.  See people how God sees them and LEARN to put YOUR NEEDS AND WANTS at the end of the line.  Bc God didn't send you here so you could do everything you want.  Learn to be obedient to ALL of his commandments, and learn to repent everyday.  Strive to feel the joy of the atonement morning and night.  This gospel is a gift that we are blessed to partake of EVERY DAY.  So if you aren't acting like it is the gift it is, I invite you to take another look at your life and start acting like it.  If he wants fish, he can get fish. WHAT HE NEEDS ARE DISCIPLES.  Elder Holland.

Love you all.  Have a good week.

Hna Glassett

"We went to the zoo."

el trio explosivo haha 

Hna Zaldivar de Honduras y Guatemala

Our mission leader cooked.

Mission leader (Alberto) dancing

Alberto y Bryan. it's his house (Bryan)

Pre pday de Hnas fotos haha


Pday de Hna scavenger hunt in Miraflores

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Monday, October 23, 2017

So this Sunday there was a census and nobody could leave from 8 until 5 so we did not have church meetings.  But it was a good day bc we were able to study lots!  Do lots of practices and plan well for this week!!

So starting off, yes I'm still in Lince.  Yes I have been in Peru for 11 months and only 2 sectors, yes the ward members are saying I might as well buy my house cause they'll probably call me as the next relief society pres haha but I'm happy as a clam!!  Lince is great and I'm hoping to leave it a better place than I found it.

So my companion is Hermana Rib√≥n she is from Cordoba....... COLOMBIA.  She is awesome!  And just in this first week together we have seen LOTS of miracles and this transfer is gonna be SICK!

So Gilmer and Karina dropped us.  Sad but we will be okay.  Priscila and Fanchesca are good!  We will visit them tomorrow!  We also are now helping Elvira be prepared for her baptism and she is married!!!  So we are hoping to meet her husband and teach him as well!  And Sunday we found Doris!  She is great!  She is really looking and has a real intention to find the truth.  We are also helping her prepare to be baptized!  The best part of this week for me was working hard with my comp.  She is very diligent and very obedient and very clean!!  She has cleaned the whole cuarto #blessed.  And she knows why she's here so it has been fun to work hard with her.  We found a lot of people this week so we know that November will be a good month if we keep working hard.

Also I have been studying repentance looking for the part in the bom where it explains it mas/more clearly.  And I love in Mosiah 27, I think it's 24, 25 y 26.  But I invite y'all to read the whole chapter and if you are feeling crazy also Alma 36.  I love the story of Alma the younger more and more the more I read them.  How beautiful it is to know that the one that will realize final judgement is the one that knows all the desires of our heart.

I love you all and I love my savior and my heavenly father.

Don't forget to read the bom everyday it's the BEEEEST

Hna Glassett

Monday, October 16, 2017


Monday, October 16, 2017

I actually think I just live with my eyes closed all the time bc I NEVER SEE THE WEEKS PASS!!  Well yeah I've hit 11 months in the mission and I feel like I just got here woops.

This week was sick bc we found a family. Gilmer, Karina, Melissa, Allison, and Astrid.   Melissa is 10, Allison 6 and Astrid 1.  Gilmer and Karina aren't married but they are great!!!  And they came to church!!!  All 5 of them!!!!  It makes me so happy to share this message with a family bc it helps me remember how important it is for the families to know this!!  This week we have been sharing with the people we contact The Family a Proclamation Para el Mundo  (lol - she typed half of the title in English and half in Spanish)  and it is cool bc it applies to all types of people and families!!!  

Also Pricila from last week came to church!  We were praying a lot! that she would come bc they have traditions Sunday morning with her parents but they all 3 came and it was such a blessing!!!  Diego is now in classes to get the melquisedec priesthood in November!!  And Claudia brought her sister in law to church.  Mabel moved to the elder's sector but they are teaching her daughters and they are gonna get baptized!!!  Abel is a little lost right now so that makes me sad but I will keep looking for him.  This week also we have been calling Milton!  He doesn't have time during the week but he came to church!!  He is a really nice humble guy looking for the truth!! 

This week was cool bc I was able to put into practice more personal repentance and I am so grateful to be able to repent everyday and know that on Sunday that sin will be washed clean again.  I know what I'm sharing with these people is essential to the exaltation and I'm happy as a clam to share it.

Tomorrow morning I will kill my comp and send her off to Chiclayo and receive a new one but she worked hard until the last minute and it has been a great 2 transfers with her.

Love you all!!!!

Hna Glassett

Monday, October 9, 2017

I don't even know

Monday, October 9, 2017

So once again I didn't see the week that passed by.  Cambios are next week and I will kill me dear compi. 

This week we did 2 intercambios with Hna Law and Anderson and Hna Huerta and Cornejo.  We saw miracles. This week we found (with Hna Huerta) Pricila and her kids.  We thought the cita wasn't very set but she was waiting for us.  We shared a scripture with her and talked about the atonement.  Her pareja left her a few years ago.  She has two kids, Nicolas 10 and Franchesca 8. And they are both from different fathers.  The father of Franchesca left them and it has hit them very hard.  Fanchesca is very sad she just wants a dad and Pricila is so strong.  She does so much for her kids and is also hurting.  She needs someone to talk to bc her poor kids are her only therapists.  She is great.  She didn't come to church though so that made us sad.

Also Milton is a ysa who is great!  He is looking for God and a religion.  He is so humble.  He is from the sierra (they are great people) but this week the biggest success we had was the fhe.  We started when Hna Carrasco got here doing fhe in houses of members.  And they started off small but they slowly are getting bigger and bigger and better too!!!  We had two this week and they were a great success. 

We are still working on Roberto.  He is just confused and trying to find out who he is.

This week I have been studying a lot about the atonement and something I learned about grace is very interesting.  I have always heard his grace is sufficient and it is true, to an extent.  In 2 Nefi 25:23 it says after all you can do his grace is sufficient.  I learned this week that the grace of Christ is sufficient when I have put in all my effort.  All of it.  God knows I can't do everything but he also knows what I can do if I strive everyday to follow him.  And if I live up to that and always put in my best effort his grace is sufficient.  His grace is sufficient AFTER I have done all I can.  If I don't do my part or strive at all times to complete my side of the promise then his grace is not sufficient.  His grace and our eternal life is 100% dependent on our effort on the earth.  I invite you all to make any changes you need to NOW so that your life can be in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Put in your best effort, and when you do his grace is sufficient. 

I love you all

Hna Glassett

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The yapa (not quite sure what that means. Cody was taught to use the word when asking for more food.)

Monday, October 2, 2017

Sooo this week was soooo important.  bc conference.  We had to make plans and think of all the people who we wanted to go to conference.  So the week started off with some sick miracles. (I really liked that talk about the miracles) we had intercambios I was with Hna Cazon de Argentina.  We found 2 new Hnitas to teach who are so great and it was a real miracle.  The next day we had a fhe planned and we were able to bring a jovencito, he is not very interested in God but he is always willing to come to the activities that we invite him to.  His name is Roberto, he is 17.  We also planned an activity for the night before conference.  The vispera/eve.  And we watched videos and had an fhe and played games.  It was really awesome!  Friday before the fhe we got a call..... hnas come to the office right now.  So we had to go pick up another little friend.  We will have Hna Zaldivar with us until tomorrow.  Otra vez/Again el trio explosivo!!  haha.

So conference Saturday nobody came, in the members.  But Sunday was dope.  Our mission leader has a car and the ward pays a taxi to pick up recent converts for Sunday sooooo, (ALSO we can do divisions with members Sunday morning to recover more people) so since trio.  We only need one person!  So i went with Hna Zaldivar and my compi with colores (member) and we went to get an abuelita who lives by the church.  Someone had already offered to take her in their car, so we went to get Roberto.  He came with his BROTHER!  Then we went to find the car.  They were a few cuadras up and so we walked to meet them there.  My comp had sent off a group of 4 with my ward mission leader and we were waiting for the taxi.  So we were waiting with a group of 3 missionaries 2 members and 2 investigators and we had only one car.  When MIRACLE!!! Pulled up 2 different members with cars and 4 seats open!  So they all went and we just were left waiting then the taxi got there!!!  It was a miracle.  I was then able to watch conference in English and it was the best.  I loved how they talked so much about the Book of Mormon.  And I loved the talk about miracles and also they talked a lot about following the prophet.  I know the church is true.  Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God.  And if his advice for us is read the Book of Mormon everyday DO IT!

I love you all

Hna Glassett
Diego's baptism

In the clinic visiting again.

Knocking doors in a hotel... (to find an investigator)