Wednesday, December 13, 2017

paz y buena voluntad/peace and goodwill

Monday, December 1, 2017


So this week Edgard was one of our Christmas miracles.  He is a ref from a member and he is SO PREPARED!  He accepts his date for the 13th and h is so excited he is already inviting everyone!  This Sunday he almost  didn't come.  He works graveyard as a security guard far away so he got home at 7 Sunday morning and church starts at 11.  We passed by his house at 10:30 but they said he wasn't there.  So we called and called from the church at 10:57 he answered and said he had been sleeping but he would come and we decided since he lives two blocks from the church to go bring him.  We ran to his house and brought him to the church but we got there at 11:15.  Just in time for the sacrament!  And it was so worth it.  He was so tied his eyes were so red but he was so happy  He drank the water and then said what an alleviation you feel right?  What kind of water is this?  It was so awesome to hear that.  Then he was gonna go home and sleep but instead he stayed and said I don't know how but God gives me strength.  He is a miracle.  So awesome!!  

This week we were able to work with the Hnas a lot and it was cool to be with them.  They are really great and they are working hard.  Our goal as a mission is 1000 baptisms for this year and we only need 104 more to reach it.  We can do it I know we can!!  My comp and I are super excited bc our sector has some areas where the missionaries have not been in for a long time so we are gonna work there and find more miracles. 

I love the initiative bc it helps everyone it doesn't matter their faith.  Remember to be a better person this year.  and the next.  Everyone should go watch all the videos, they're the best!

I love you all.  Happy Christmas, watch the Grinch, listen to Donny Osmond and LIGHT THE WORLD!!

Hna Glassett



An activity from our ward.  Light the world!!!

Dana the daughter of a convert and the sister of Angelo who got baptized last week 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Monday, December 4, 2017


I thought it was a joke when the zl called haha but the cat's out of the bag, i have come back to my homeland to comprar mi terreno/buy my land. haha  My comp is awesome.  She is from Chile.  Her name is Hna Pauvif.

So this week has passed so fast!!  I am in Rimac 2 now.  That is the neighboring ward to Leoncio Prado where I started my mish.  So i have seen all my old people except Jaime.  And a bunch of the members from Rimac 2 remember me from my tiempito (6 months) in Leoncio Prado haha MISION RIMAC!!  haha  We also share the church with Leoncio Prado so I really am in the same place!!  It is great to be back!!

We worked this week with Alexandro.  He was really ready bc his mom is a convert but it was fun doing little interactive lessons with him bc he always wanted to escape haha.

Also, Jose, Abram y Celia are the goal for this Saturday and the next week we don't know yet and after that Javier and then we had a miracle in church.  (everyday we have miracles but this one I will tell you about.)  A member invited his friend and he came to accompany him to church all the way from Barranco! That is like 2 hours away.  And it is the 2nd time he has done it!  He is super awesome too!  He loves the classes and he wants to join.  We were like that my dude we would love to help you with that. haha Rimac is so awesome!

Also we are iluminando el mundo this Christmas!!  I invite ya'll to go to and print off the calendar, watch all the videos and LIGHT THE WORLD!!  It has been super awesome this season so far and I know it will only get better.  I love this country and my Rimac!!  

I invite you all to remember what and why we celebrate this season like Elder Duncan said yesterday.  And listen to LOTS of Donny Osmond Christmas and WATCH THE GRINCH!! hate hate hate double hate LOATHE ENTIRELY

Hermana Glassett

This was the service project we did on Friday.  It lasted 7 hours and we just cleaned and cleaned this cerrito.

Last day of volleyball in zone Limbtambo.

Last district meeting.  Elder Ixcot gave us alfajores bc I have been asking for 3 months hahaha.

Zone Limtabmo

Angelo got baptized this Saturday.  He is 12 and was a little scared his mom is a convert but everything ended well haha

Gifts from Hna Kilpack.


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I made this causa I don't know how but it was yummy haha

This was 2 years as a member for Hno Alberto, our old leader missional.  In the photos is my convert Diego, the new mission leader, hugging him, Luis, and the family Guerrero Mama Vilma.

This was inside a marcado haha only in Rimac!!!  YA I SAID RIMAC!!!!!

Happy Birthday Papi!

Also dad happy birthday last week.  I didn't tell you but i made these in memory of you. te amo

Ilumina el Mundo/Light the World

Monday, November 27, 2017

So first everyone go to Mormon,org and watch the new video cause it's sick!!  Now light the world.

So, i have like 0 time today but this week was very fast.  Cambios are tomorrow and idk if I'll stay or go... We'll see.  Priscila did not get baptized.   She is still looking for a house and very stressed.  Hector might go to Huancayo or no for a week.  We hope no.  He needs lots of help.  Oscar is the best!!! He will go to Mexico for work and when he gets back!  Baptism!!

I love Lince and I love this ward!!  This week Hno Alberto completed 2 years as a member so we had a nds (Note:  Not sure what that means.  He is great!!!!

My head feels in a thousand different places right now but I'm happy and it's getting hotter. 

Love ya'll!!!

On Thanksgiving I ate chifa haha (Note:  Chifa is food with a Chinese influence.)

celebrating my 11 months and my compis 9

Happy Christmas!

Hna Heurta



Masamorra/Purple Corn Pudding!!!

My converts daughters got baptized.  Mabel mom = daughters Sara and Elizabeth.  They moved so it was the elders baptism but really it was the lords lol

My one year celebrations.

My one year celebrations.

My una año.  My comp got me with egg and flour haha

Our census cooking.


pday de zona pizzzzza

This is a big vase!


The huaca )ruins = in the middle of the city haha peruuuuu


These were cambios haha I have not sent pics in one whole cambio woops

This is Mama Vilma she is an angel. and her son Tiago.  He is chucky hhaha

Wall art say what