Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I feel like I´m on cross country because all I do is RUN!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

This week we walked up the cerro/hill in the sector of the elders in my ward to see the cross of San Cristobal.  It's a super huge cross at the top of a mountain and you can see like all of Lima.  It's super cool and the way up is like total stairs.  It was super fun!  My comp was dying though.  I basically dragged her up the hill. 

Then Tuesday night we got to go as a zone to parque de las aguas.  Our pday was split up this week.  Parque de las aguas is super cool.  It's a park with a whole bunch of water fountains and at night there are lights and there is one huge one that becomes like a screen and there is a light and like videos and pictures representing all the different parts of Peru!  It was super cool!!!

This week was a lot better than the last.  We have been working on finding a lot of new people and contacting like crazy!!  We have been working with Nereida and her 10 year old daughter Gabi this week.  They didn't come to church so we are super sad but they are really awesome.  Nereida has a lot of questions that are very hard to answer. lol  But I have a testimony that when we listen to the spirit the Lord gives us the words. 

Also this week we found a woman named Marta.  She says she does not want to change but she said she would pray so I have hope!!

Also an awesome woman named Ana.  She is super nice and was very interested but she is super busy Sunday's so we will have to work on that. 

This week we had an open house at the church where all the members set up a booth for their organization and we were there with banners to explain all that we believe and then the members the organizations and the elders at the baptismal font!  It was like a tour of the church and it was AWESOME!  It was Saturday and we were preparing for it all week so we knew what to say and when Saturday came we literally were so busy all day preparing, but it was awesome.  We were running everywhere but when the activity started it was great and we were able to share with a bunch of people our message of truth!!!  I am grateful to have the opportunity to share this message of joy with everyone.  I BRING TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY!!!!  And you all do too.  Don't be afraid to share the knowledge you have of truth. 

Te amo

Hna Glassett

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