Monday, March 20, 2017

Buenas tardes no hay agua/Good afternoon, there is no water (the sentence of the week)

Monday, March 20, 2017

This week was good we worked super hard and were able to find more people.  One was a miracle.  His name is Leonardo.  We found him bc we were looking for this house from a contact and found it and were asking him if Marta lived there and he said no nobody named Marta lives here but he said we could teach him!  So we had a great lesson and he said he would come to church. 

We also found a family that are all members but the dad.  The problem is they are not married but they just moved here and they want to come to church!  They are super awesome!! 

We also had a conference with Elder Montoya.  He is awesome!  He talked about working for the ward.  In service.  He reminded us that as missionaries of full time we are not doing this work alone.  The ward should be helping us.  But it is our job to show them that we are here to work and to serve them to gain their trust.  That is something we have been lacking.  Working with the ward.  Sometimes we think it's easier if we get them or if we teach solo but we are denying the ward of blessings and denying the investigators of a lifelong friend and support.  He also talked about being positive and smiling.  You cannot change the situation but you can change your attitude. 

Half way through the week, due to the flooding we have been having in all of Peru, the water got cut.  We went a few days with out water to cook clean and shower but we had to drink which is a huge blessing.  There were random hours when the water would turn on or there would be a truck in some part of the street or a hose in a park that had water and everyone would go running with their buckets to save water!  It was a great opportunity to do some service and we carried a bunch of buckets to people's houses so if I'm not swoll by now, yeah idk.

Sunday JUNIOR CAME TO CHURCH.  We finally visited him Saturday and he came to church Sunday.  We can't get a hold of his brother but we are hoping that Junior will be able to receive an answer! 

We only had church for one hour due to the water issue and lots of people left the city so the end of the week was kind of difficult to find people home.

It is amazing to me how in times of disaster people will either pull together and look to God or fight more and leave less time for God.  I have witnessed both and it is so sad to me when people use something like this as an excuse to not pray or go to church.  In times of difficulty we need God the most and if things are not getting better we need to be more humble and act on our faith.  Just like in the Book of Mormon.  

I have officially finished my first 12 weeks and changes are tomorrow.  I think I'm leaving Rimac and I will be very sad but I'm ready for what the lord has in store.

Les amo
Hna Glassett 

The Hermanas of Rimac.

Pday with our zone.  We hiked (walked) up a hill.  It was sick.

Parque de las aguas/Park of the water 

This is a train we rode in lol 

This is Pachamanca.  My comps fav food.  Super yummy. 

Pday of the sisters.  We were matching it was unplanned but you know what they say about comps who match.

I love ice cream!!!!

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