Wednesday, March 8, 2017

the cats out of the bag #miracles

Monday, March 6, 2017

This week was crazy.  I don't know how but  feel like I'm literally always running somewhere.  These people probably think I'm crazy.  So we have been talking with our investigator Jesus.  He is having a really hard time right now with his family.  He is an old investigator and he wanted to get baptized but he couldn't bc he was living with his girlfriend.  So they had plans to get married and then problems arose with his family and she had to go live with her mom with their two little girls and her daughter and he stayed here with his son.  Then they started to have problems between the two of them and he just has been having a really rough time.  But now that he is not living with her he can get baptized and he has been attending the church every Sunday.  So this week we talked to him and he said I want to get baptized and we said you can this Friday and he said let's do it.  So we taught him a lesson one night and then went back the next night and taught him two lessons then next day he had his interview with Elder Richins and then two days later we taught him the last lesson he needed 30 minutes before his baptism.  MIRACLES EXIST!!

Everyday this week was super crazy and we were literally running to get places so we could teach him.  The day of his interview we were visiting a woman named Luz for the first time.  She is great!  She really liked that we are members of our church bc we prayed and got an answer not bc our parents and grandparents are members.  Our lesson with her ended and we needed to visit another man but we also had the interview.  We had barely time to make both work but we were running like crazy and our cita before the interview wasn't there. lol   So we just booked it to the church and Jesus had his interview and all went well!!!  The next day we had intercambios.  It was great.  I was with Hna Carrasco.  She is from Chiclayo.  It was super great.  We had a lesson with some Catholics and she was super calm in the lesson and helped keep everything tranquillo! 

The next day we had interviews with President.  Those are always awesome bc president always has such good advice and he laughs at my jokes. lol  Also Hna Larson always makes cookies!!  And Hna Larson gave us some super good advice for Antoni (the twin).

About the cat.  Somebody keeps leaving a whole bunch of kittens at the church.  While we were cleaning the font the only people that were there were the zone leaders and President and Hna Larson.  We passed a kitten outside.  When we entered and thought nothing of it but while we were cleaning we heard President yell, "no!" and we looked up and the kitten was running down the hall of the church and right behind it was President and right behind him was Elder Barlow and right behind Elder Barlow was Elder Zambrano.  It was so funny.  The cat got in the church three times and we had to chase it down and get it out. lol  Just another day in paradise.  Also we had to prepare the baptismal font and there was a huge spider in it!  I freaked out and our whole zone was there waiting for interviews.  I literally asked every person there to kill it.  Yes, I am that Sister Zach and Cody and I AM NOT ASHAMED!   Hna Winward ended up killing it bless her heart.  We returned later to clean it with soap and we had water so all was well.  We turned the drain on to rinse it and nothing. The drain didn't work.  Luckily there wasn't very much water but we had to scoop it out with buckets. lol  We finally filled it all was well and Jesus arrived at the church a little before 7.30 for the last lesson we had to teach him.  We taught it and then we went to call people bc there was no one at the church and the baptism was supposed to start at 8!  The relief society had an activity just before and the priesthood right after so the Hna's were there but we didn't have the bishop or the ward mission leader!  So we called one of the counselors and the secretary and one of the jas ? and we asked a recent convert of the Elders (super recent 1 week) to give a message and Hna Lupe (relief society president/angel) to bear her testimony and we were super stressed bc no one was there but one by one they started showing up.  Finally we were just waiting on the bishop who also was gonna baptism him.  The bishop finally got there and we went inside and the room was FILLED with people we had to get more chairs.  It was such a wonderful sight and I was filled with so much love for this ward!  The baptism was great once it began everything went perfectly.  The next day we got to watch the first palada/shovel, (likely groundbreaking) of the temple of Arequipa. It was awesome!  Then we had to go to the church and drain the font.  Another miracle the drain worked!!

Sunday we had stake conference .  It was awesome.  They talked a lot about temple work what a blessing it is to have temples.  Sunday night we were walking and we saw Antoni's dad's car.  They had just returned so this week we are gonna visit them again.  It has been a long time but we are excited they are back.

Also this week Luz, our super awesome investigator, called us and said she prayed and didn't get the same answer and wants us to take the Book of Mormon back.  We visited her again and she said she would read and she would come to church with us next week.  Well she called us today and I answered the phone and she said she went to mass and spoke to some pastor or something and he said if you feel good where you are tell them so they don't come back.  So she told us she feels comfortable in her church why change.  She wants to return the Book of Mormon and thanks for visiting her but she's fine.  I cried on the phone.  My heart broke for this woman who was fine where she was bc I know there is something better and Heavenly Father wants to give it to her but she's fine and comfortable so she doesn't want it.  It was a good experience to feel the love God has for her.  bc if I can be that sad when she turns us down I can't imagine our Heavenly Father.  It also helped motivate me to work harder to share this message. 

There is no comfort in the growth zone and there is no growth in the comfort zone.  My invitation to you all is to get uncomfortable and let Heavenly Father help you grow.

Te Amo Mucho

Hna Glassett

This is anticucho, the heart of cow, I think.  It was super yummy!!

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