Monday, February 27, 2017

breakin' down doors

Monday, February 27, 2017

So this week we got locked out of our bathroom (no idea how) and we literally broke the door trying to get back in.  The good news is ..........  .  Just another day in paradise.

This week was much better than last.  My goal this week was to be more obedient, more diligent and have miracles.  We had a bunch of lessons this week and found a bunch of new people.

Every day was super crazy bc we had lessons every half hour (lots of them weren't there) and so it was super hard to plan our day and have time to study but it always worked out.  It will always work out.  We had some super awesome lessons with 3 super awesome families!!  Also we should have a baptism this week!  His name is Jesus and he is an ancient investigator who couldn't get baptized bc he was living with his wife but they weren't married.  But the don't live together and he wants to get baptized so bad!

Also we had some lessons this week with some very smart people with lots of bible in their head.  I learned that teaching with your testimony is all you can do bc they can reject my message and they can reject me but they cannot reject my testimony and I know they feel something different when we testify.  After these lessons I always feel grateful for the knowledge I have of the truth.  I've been studying Jesus the Christ this week and my love for our savior never ceases to grow.  I'm am so eternally grateful for him and his example. 

I have like no time but I love you all and I love this gospel. This week a woman told us that she has listened to lots of different churches but that Mormon's have a light in their eyes that she loves.  Let your light shine. 

Te amo

Hna Glassett  

Hermana Lizarbe celebrating one year and Erin celebrating three months.

Ice cream!

So excited to buy veggies!

Hermana Lizarbe and her celebration cake.

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