Tuesday, July 4, 2017

170 Miracles

Monday, July 3, 2017

This week heavenly father humbled me to show my once again that without him I can do nothing.

So it was a very crazy week we had two intercambios with Santa Cruz and Jorge Chavez. (Editor's note.  I think these are areas in her zone.)  They were good.  We get a lot done those days with four hermanas in our sector.  We also had divisions which we also get a lot done bc we go to another sector and work with them there.  We went to Ama Kella.  We also went to Callao to plan with them.  Oh the dear hermanas.  We have lots of great Hermanas in the mission but they cannot seem to get out of their own way.   Many of them think that they can do it alone and better than their companion, their bishop, and God.  So that is hard but we are working on helping them all with LOTS of love haha.  so Saturday we had an open house in the church in Santa Cruz and we went and also we were supposed to have a baptism at 8 so we left to meet him.  His name is Abel he is 18 and living in lima alone.  His sister is on a mission and he has made some really bad decisions but wants to change.  Well we got there and he didn't for the baptism.  We ended up going to his house and he was helping this lady move and said, "I don't feel ready.  That's why I didn't go."  He just is so lost and so sad!!  So we met the lady who moved in and she is a miracle!  Her daughters are Mormon she just never got baptized. 

Then Sunday.  S nobody answered our calls and the people we passed by for were not home or ready so we showed up at church without one investigator.  I was feeling pretty crappy.  But during the sacrament I was praying and thinking about what Hermana Larson said in our meeting Saturday.  About how if we are obedient, have faith and do all we can do God will show us miracles.  So I started thinking have we done all we can this week so our investigators come and progress??  And right before the sacrament in came and investigator with her daughter.  I felt more calm during the sacrament bc I knew that we did all we could we were diligent and worked hard to help these people.  So I did my part I thought, God will do his.  And he did.  After the sacrament Hna ├▒aupa said that one investigator came named Paula.  Then I turned around and Abel was there sitting with the Elders.  That was a miracle.  After all we can do.  God pulls through.  Our investigator Mabel, who came with her daughter, who was unsure about her baptism the 9th said she was ready.  We went and visited Abel after church and he was able to understand better the atonement and why he needed to get baptized.  Then we passed by for a referncia and were able to find a family of Venezolanos who have been in Peru from 7 months to 1 month.  They have family who are members and were listening to the missionaries in Venezuela!  They are so prepared and so nice.  Very humble bc of what they have been through in Venezuela.  They have almost nothing but God has been preparing them for years to know his gospel.

This week I have done very little and God has done a lot.  But my testimony has been strengthened and I know now more than ever that my work here is the work of salvation.  This is the Lord's work.  And the Lord trusts the weak to do his work.  The lord has trusted in me to be an instrument in his hands and if I do I will see miracles.

I know that we cannot make it through this life alone.  If we could, Christ would not have come to the earth.  His atonement is a gift. The price has been paid, we just need to humble ourselves enough to see it and use it.  Let him in.

Les amo mucho

Hna Glassett 

Intercambios with Santa Cruz.

Pretty sure Erin freaked out the poor Hermana on the left. 
Intercambios with Jorge Chavez.

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