Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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Monday, June 26, 2017

I still haVE NOT LEARNED HOW TO MANAGE MY TIME IN WRITING oh look at that caps lock was on haha lol my life is a chiste/joke.

Yeah you guessed it.  I don't know how to do this.  I only have 7 months but God likes to throw me in fire and watch me LIGHT EVERYTHING UP!!!  hahaha 

I'm good my comp is awesome and she helps me a lot.  I just keep it loosey goosey and don't stress over the little things.

So my comp and I have to help five companionships of hermanas.  Two in our zone and three in two other zones.  We do intercambios with them go to their zone and do divisions and call them to see how they are doing, follow up with their investigators and give advice.  Don't know why I'm doing this bc I still need advice but oh well!!!  haha   Basically anytime the hermanas are sick have a question about rules or are causing problems (don't get along with their comp, pide, lack of caridad/charity are what we have been seeing lately) we either go to their sector and have divisions or call them. We are in contact with the assistants and Hna Larson a lot and also the district and zone leaders of the hermanas.  Super loco but God is helping me.

My house is a little bigger but still not big.  There are two rooms though and a bathroom but when we do intercambios (a companionship comes to our sector and we work 4 in one sector and they stay over night) they have to sleep on the floor.  haha.  It seriously has been the craziest two weeks ever and the cambio is almost halfway over.

This week was crazy busy!!!!!  Intercambios divisions!! and lots of running around but we should hopefully have two baptisms this weekend with faith and things are going great here in lince.  I PROMISE next week I will write more hahaha

Love y'all
Hna Glassett

my new compi

Intercambios with Hna Chandler and Anderson from Idaho.

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