Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Capilla Abierta/Open House

Monday, July 17, 2017

So this week was a slow week we had a lot of citas that fell and so we did a lot of walking.  But we were able to find people who are prepared.

We are working right now with Abel.  Still he wants to get baptized but every time his fecha comes his girlfriend talks to him.  She's really catholic and he gets all confused.  Whenever we are with him he is really excited but when we leave, the enemy (girlfriend), attacks and he doesn't show up for the citas or answer his phone.  So we are gonna work hard with him so he can understand the difference between temporal happiness and eternal happiness.  He gives me headaches.  He is a child living alone.

We are also working with Mayra.  She is great.  She just always stays asleep instead of going to church.  But she is really sweet and has the desire.

We are also working still with the family from Venezuela, shout out to my buddy Maria Jose!! jaja

Also Norma y Ronaldiño.  They are great but they do not have a great sense of direction.  Literally they always get lost on the way to the church.  But we are gonna show them where it is today haha so hopefully they will come this Sunday.

Today was pday de hermanas.  It's really fun to be able to have a relationship with so many and get to know so many hermanas but a lot of the time i feel like I'm babysitting. hahah  Shout out to the Whatcott's. I think about you guys all the time and miss you.  I bet you're all huge jaja!

We had a capilla abierta/open house this Saturday in our ward.  This ward is AWESOME!!  They planned so well and there were a BUNCH of people who came it was super awesome!!  We have some news also thanks to this activity.

Well it's week 6, I cant believe it!!  I hope I get another transfer with my Hermana ñaupa.  She is awesome I love her, but I guess we will see next Tuesday!!!  But as for this week we are just gonna keep wrecking havic hajaja!!!

The mission is best not only because I grow but I get to see so many others grow. 

Love y'all
Hna Glassett

Last pday we went to this museum it was dope

The zone

The hermanas

Lince. lol

Fourth of July

Intercambios with Callao and Mi Lizarbe

Bautismo of Mabel.

Pday of Hermanas

Pday of Hermanas

#prankswithsnakes hahaha

More of the zoo with mi compi and mi ex compi jaja.

This is a mission night we had it was awesome!!  My comp and I designed this Candyland board plan of salvation edition and our ward mission leader owns a printing shop and made it huge!!!  It was so fun!!! 

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