Thursday, August 3, 2017

mil disculpas/a thousand apologies

Monday, July 31, 2017

So sorry that I didn't write last week I just forgot haha lol.

But yeah so last week with Hna ñaupa we were really working with Abel.  We visited him Wednesday and he said yeah I want to get baptized but like in 2 months.  Then we said Abel, you want to wait for the blessings to come!!  We returned Thursday and talked to him for a long time about the plan of salvation and why getting baptized is something he needs to do now not in a month.  He needs guidance of the spirit he is very lost.  So that day he accepted to get baptized but said he would be busy Saturday.  So we said yeah Sunday but this is something you are doing with God not us so are you sure you are gonna come and your aren't gonna leave him hanging?  And he said yeah.  So the next day we had another lesson with him at the church then he had his interview.  He said he was scared to get baptized but our district leader talked to him and helped him and when he left he was more excited for his baptism.  Then a member got there who helped get him excited and he got to hangout with them at a bachelor party for this guy who  is getting married all night so that also helped him get excited.  Saturday he stood us up in the cita we had but we called him and he was so happy and excited for his baptism.  So Sunday we went to his house to get him and he got baptized in cold water.  But after his baptism he said I didn't feel the cold.  I felt like the water was warm and a weight was lifted off of me.  He was so happy this day and it was literally a miracle. 

Cambios, la ñaupa se me fue!!  haha she went to Rimac!!!  She will be close to my Hna Meroy!!!  And now I'm with Hna Carrasco!!  Who I love so much!!!  I'm really happy to be with her.  She has lots of great ideas and is very diligent and ready to work hard.  We are gonna do great things in Lince.

This week was Peru's birthday so there were not many people and well it was kind of a rough week as far as success goes but we are getting lots of ideas for how we can get better.

We have been visiting a young woman named Claudia from Venezuela.  She will get baptized this Saturday.  There are so many miracles in Lince!


Love y'all
Hna Glassett

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