Friday, December 9, 2016

I caught the Peru

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

So to start this email remember last email where I said I played volleyball all day and it was so fun!  Yeah well the sun had fun too.  A little too much and I got fried!!  I'm okay now but geez I was red.   And I was wearing a red shirt so after pday when we were teaching our investigator and in our classroom my district was calling me hermana rojo and hermana lobster and making so much fun of me even my teacher was getting in on it.  He's hilarious but it was great!  I need to be teased or I feel like I'm not living.  lol.   Also there is an elder in my district who loves to scare people and he always like screams or tries to scare me but Mason you prepared me well and I don't jump as much as I could when he does that so I guess this is thank you.

So Thursday we had a class on the gift of tongues and _________ was being a bit negative about the language just because she is having a hard time with it and the Hermanas at the table with us helped me talk to her and we told her she needs to fix her attitude because when it's negative she's not gonna receive help with the language.  And it worked!  We taught our investigator Dennis that night and He knows a lot about the church and she just asked him what is stopping you from getting baptized and I was like, OH NO SHE DIDN'T!   But he said nothing and she said.  Will you get baptized?  And he said yeah.  And I was like, DON DE LENGUAS!!!! (Gift of Tongues)   So that was cool.  lol.
That night I was feeling a little sick and I ended up waking up in the middle of the night a few times to bust a chunk or as we say here in Peru, toss the arroz. (nobody says that but I think it's funny)   Anyway I felt like crap threw up a few times in the middle of the night woke up with a fever and chills and LITERALLY slept the whole day.  Like Hna. Moore came in a few times to check on me and I was just gonzo.   I didn't eat anything all day.  I just slept and then I still Slept all night and I woke up feeling better the next morning.  (Well, mas o menos)  I was kind of out of it that whole morning and my eyes were really yellow all day but esta bien.  I was feeling better.  I started learning grammar on TALL (a computer program to help us learn Spanish.  I don't really like it but whatever.)  When you use it for grammar it's interesting.   Anyway we taught Dennis again that night and it was on the commandments and he already knows them all so it's sick.   We were supposed to fast bc fast Sunday and Hna. Moore said don't so instead of dinner I ate bread and cereal but it tasted just as delicious. 

We had a devotional by Elder Ballard that we watched and talked about it was really motivating.   It was the advanzado's (advanced district) last Sunday and it was fast Sunday so testimony meeting was great!   Then we had a really good relief society lesson on enduring to the end and a district class on obedience.   After lunch we had a lesson by President Moore on the apostasy and the restoration.  It was SO COOL!!   He explained to us why nobody could come to the Americas until they did and showed us in the bom I think it was I don't remember but where Nefi is having a vision of everything it talks about Christopher Columbus and the puritans super cool. The gospel was meant to be restored to the earth when it was and how blessed are we to be born into a world with the light of Christ and the priesthood of God.   So after that we had a class from Hna. Moore that was really good.  Then they took some people aside for leadership stuff because all the advanzados are leaving and we are getting new missionaries tonight!  After that I felt like a needed a blessing.  Like I needed it like how I need water.  I had made a bunch of goals that day to pick it up and be a better missionary and I just was feeling a little overwhelmed and negative and I needed a blessing.  So we asked Hna. Moore she said it was okay and so I got my district together and then I had to decide which elder to give me the blessing.  I really didn't want to decide because I didn't want to choose one, I love them all.  But I said a prayer and said tell me who needs to give me this blessing and I opened my eyes and I just felt Elder Reidhead.  So I asked him to do it and he said yes but you have to pray before and say what the blessing is for.  That was cool.  I was crying through my whole prayer and then he gave me the most perfect blessing.  The Priesthood is amazing.  Be worthy of the priesthood.  The blessings that it brings to the world are so spectacular, I can't even say. I am grateful for the priesthood and I would tell you all to get a priesthood blessing more often then you probably do.  Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us and he wants to help and guide us we just have to let him.   Okay sorry for the preachy preachy.

Monday was a sad day because all the Latinas who I love so much are leaving! (the white girls are leaving too but those Latinas have my heart) 

Okay so something cool happened yesterday I was supposed to pick a capitulo (chapter) in the bom to read with our district so I read half and then they read the rest and I picked Alma 32 because it just is amazing!!  And we went to teach our investigator Christina and she said she had been reading the bom and she was reading ALMA 32!  So we just talked about that and how she can increase her faith and she said she would come to church!  WOO HOO!!  

__________  has been freeing the willies a little too freely for a while so she's not having lots of fun but she's not sticking to the diet that is supposed to plug her up so I'm literally her mom and tell her what to do.  Anyway we went to visit Hna. Moore so she could get some pills and we got to talk to her and Pres for a while and they just shared lots of scriptures with us about getting in bed on time.  So that a goal for sure for me this week!!

We went to the temple this morning and did the session in Spanish.  It was cool.  I haven't done one in Spanish yet.

Being a missionary is GREAT!

Hna. Glassett 

All my cute Latinas!!!

Hermana Duran she is de Honduras she is SALTY!!  I love her lots too!

All my cute Latinas!!!

Hermana Calapucha.  I love her so much.  She is hilarious!  She is from Ecuador and just left last night.

Hermana Calapucha again.  I just love her!

Hermanas at the templo.

My district at the temple (I'm pretty sure it goes Golder, Reidhead, Hougaard, Anderson, Staheli, Brasher, Yo, Luchi, Poulton and Petty)

Mi companion Y I at the temple.

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