Thursday, December 15, 2016

Call Me Maestra (Call Me Master)

Wednesday, November 14, 2016

So this email is probs gonna be crazy bc I didn't really think about what I was gonna write and I have little time but hey are we surprised? No.

So I don't remember when the new hermanas came but I think they came this week! There are four of them and they are all sweet girls who are ready to work and obey so that makes my job easy! We talked and got to know them a little better and they all seem to be doing much better with the whole AH I'M IN PERU NOW WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON situation. So this week on Friday I was told that I was teaching relief society which gave me a day to plan because our proselyting (excuse my English) activity was on Saturday. So I'll talk about that first. I went to Lima sur which is like sand sand and then once you get to the very top of the hill and turn the corner....... there is more sand. So I was put with a missionary from Paraguay and a girl who got back from her mission 3 weeks ago.  They were both very nice. We talked to one man through a window who wasn´t wearing a shirt and made an appointment to come back tomorrow.  lol jokes on him imma be in the ccm still. Then we taught a lesson to a lady and her daughter who had been investigating for a while and she said she didn't believe in baptisms for the dead and she struggled with the Book of Mormon. So I just sat in a tiny chair and tried to listen to everything. I bore my testimony and cried #sistermissionarylife.  It was good it made me excited to leave the walls and go find people but I wish I would have been able to use a little more Spanish.  After that they asked me to bear my testimony in front of the whole everyone so I didn't cry that time. #sistermissionarylife.

Sunday came and as always I look forward to breakfast and it didn't disappoint. I am really learning to love this whole cereal in yogurt thing. I had been planning for my lesson kind of. It was on the restoration but I didn't really know what I wanted to teach bc the restoration is literally EVERYTHING! So I was just studying all the points in pmg and I stayed up late Saturday night studying. Sunday morning was crazy we had a meeting and then we were supposed to practice bc my district was singing Come Thou Fount in sacrament meeting. WHO KNOWS WHY. They obviously haven't listened to me sing very closely. And we were also supposed to sing the prelude. So I felt unprepared for my lesson and I hadn't written a talk in case I got called to speak but I was like ya know what it's gonna be fine! So I didn't get called to talk and the singing wasn't horrible. So then I just had my lesson. I started it off by just asking about what the restoration means to the hermanas and the spirit totally took over. It was so strong and I could not have done it.  The hermanas were able to share how the restoration is still going through them because the restoration didn't end with Jose Smith. It is still going and we all get to be part of that work everyday! viviendo el sueno (livin' the dream).

We got a new investigator his name is Jose and he is an old lonely man who knows SO MUCH!  He literally just talks so much about everything and we're like bro were tryna teach you, callate! We don't say that though bc my morning teacher has informed me many times that it's bad. lol my night teacher just laughs. same with porqueria* lol.  And the other day during our service activity I dropped my rag and I said pucha macina* and the janitor loled so hard!!

So my time is like literally up but this week I have been praying A LOT to have charity and patience and IT WORKS PEOPLE! When we ask he gives us the gifts we need! 


*Both are very Peruvian terms for something like, dang or crap. 

Selfie with our treeee.
I've been listening to forgotten carols and 

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