Friday, December 23, 2016

It's the end of the CCM as I know it

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

So this week I have really been trying to get grammar down and it's working!  Kinda... lool chiste. Not really but I'm trying! It's hard bc I don't really know English grammar so it doesn't make much sense lol. esta bien.

Also this week after physical activity hermana Brahser, Brinton and I would put music on and dance and lip sync as a work out lol.  I don't know what it looked like from the outside but from the inside it was MAGESTERIAL!

Also my showers this week have almost all been under 300 seconds! Not because I want to go fast though just bc Hermana Brinton and i are really bad at managing our time so all the sudden we have to be in class in 10 minutes and we are disgusting so we literally count out loud.  Envia ayuda.  (Send HELP!)

Funny story about showers.  So I was trying to move the shower head down a little and well I moved it down a lot.  Into my hand.  Bc I broke it off.  Like literally snapped it off.  They had to switch the whole thing.  It was way funny! When I told Pres. he just said you don't know the power of your own strength and I was like you're right. I always knew I was swoll.

We got 2 new investigators this week. José is an old man who likes to talk.  And Joclyn is a mom of four she seems pretty interested. The whole switching off between companion thing in lessons does not work super great yet bc I always feel like my companion is a little lost and our Spanish levels are not at the same place so we got one week to pick it up.

I laughed so much this week!! n Not even at huge funny stuff but my district is just so funny! Elder Golder makes me cry from laughter at least three times a day and don't even get me started on Hna Brasher.

Volleyball has been getting better and better every day. Just in time for us to leave lol.

During sacrament this week I had a really spiritual experience.  I was thinking about how the sacrament is an opportunity for repentance every week and how cool that is and as I watched the elders pass the sacrament I thought about our role as missionaries and how we bring the opportunity of repentance to people. How cool is that!! I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for my Savior. I challenge you all to say a prayer of thanks to him for all that he has given you personally. Sundays in the ccm are great.

Also the elders put a dead cockroach on my desk so when I walked in for personal study I screamed and they videoed me. I feel like I never even left home.  lol  These elders are my bffs.

Yesterday we watched a great devotional by Holland. He talked about how we are instruments in the Lord's hands and I really don't want to be a dull instrument. He also said you can be the salvation of one of your companions. That really smacked me hard in the face and motivated me to be a better companion.

Last thing. I have been reading in Alma and in chapter 26 it talks about missionary work. I love in 27 how the lord comforts Ammon and his brethren #me and also 35 and 36 are #goals.  I want to feel/say that at the end of my mission. 

That's all for now.  Always remember the most important race is the one to the fridge.

te amo
Hna Glassett

P.S. The elders in my district call me Hna Blanca and Hna Avatar. I am so loved (crying laughing emoji).  They also tell me my laugh sounds like a banshee and when I try to talk while I'm laughing I sound like asap rocky. They love it.  (Note* Not sure what asap rocky means or if it's a typo.)

Side Email:

Our good friends' nephew is in the ccm in Peru.  I asked Erin last week if she knew him because her goal was to make friends with everyone there.  Here's her story. 

lol yeah!! He's way funny!  Last week I saw him take two oreos when you were only supposed to take one and I was like, yeah Pond, I see you.  And he was like denying it. Then I was like, I can't handle you.  I got a beef with you acting all ticked.  And he was like, fine, you can have them.  And I was like I don't want them.  I just want to have beef with someone! But then I said if you want the beef to go away you can buy me a bag of cua cuas* (please tell me you rememeber those) from the vending machine.  Next day, walking past my room at night, Elder Pond says, hey Hermana Glassett.  Then tosses me some cua cuas.  I AM ALPHA!!

* Our favorite Peruvian chocolate wafer candy bar of sorts.

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