Tuesday, January 17, 2017

12 semenas/weeks of tears

Monday, January 16, 2017

So this week I think I cried every day. Just another day in paradise.

I don't know why but this week was just hard. The hardest part I think is that I'm at a point in the language where I understand ALMOST everything.  But I don't know how to respond in Spanish so I have all this stuff in my head that I don't know how to say in any language! Idk if it's normal to forget how to speak in English but yeah I'm in the process. So basically I have a lot inside me and no way to get it out. It's the best I love it (nacho libre)

Okay this week let's see. Well Monday was crazy and that kind of set the scene for the rest of the week. We had a few really good lessons with families!! We are visiting 2 super awesome families and both the parents are married so we are pumped. They are both very receptive and interested!

Something super weird that always happens is we have an awesome lesson and the people are super interested and then we make an appointment for the next day and they're not home.  And then we can't find them at home for like four days and then they're like "ah hello teach us again" and I'm like "yeah we wanted to but you weren't in your house!"  Anyway Peruvians (eye roll).

This other family we taught same thing except we taught one lesson when the dad was there and one when the mom was and the kids were there for both. Then when we went to visit the mom was like not right now come back when Rosa is here (her daughter).  She's interested. And the dad same thing oh not right now idk when you can come back. Weird. But we will keep working with Rosa!

We were rejected a lot this week. The people here have either huge hearts or hearts made of stone. And this week we talked to lots of stones.

Fernando was baptized!! It was a crazy morning and we were late to the baptism as was EVERYONE ELSE except Fernando (and it wasn't even my fault this time). It was the worst feeling ever but he was all good and smiles. The baptism was wonderful. A man in the ward baptized him and when he (Fernando) bore his testimony after he cried. He is an ex police, swoll analytical dude that you would never think would cry but yes it happened. (Everyone's crying these days.) That night we - okay back story Friday night we contacted a man outside his house who drives a taxi and he was super pumped to talk to us and was like, I have twin sons visit them tomorrow at 8 here's their number and mine! And we were like wowza #blessed. So his name is Hidelbrando and his sons are Antoni and Junior. We went Saturday night to visit them and talked with Antoni. They are 20 years old and Antoni is studying to be a lawyer. He is super smart and it is fun to teach him bc he gets it after one explanation. He is super awesome and was very interested! We went with a cute old lady in the ward who is his neighbor and he said he will go to church and she said she would stop by and get him! WOOOO!  SUNDAY: WHY DO PEOPLE SAY THEY WILL DO THINGS AND NOT DO THEM, Why? That's all I want to know?  Fernando did not come for his conformation. And Antoni did not come and the investigator we were supposed to pick up was "asleep" his mom said and none of the families came.  Like if you don't plan on doing it don't say you will. Okay I'm done. But really we were so sad that they didn't come and we called and called and called Fernando and sent a lady from the ward to go get him (he lives on the cerro) and nada. It was so sad! But our recent converts were there and so that was good! There was one lady too who is a member but hasn't been attending our ward. She goes to another one and she came and was so happy! We were trying to help our convert with her family history and the lady, her name is Nancy, was talking to me and I was like smile and nod. Smile and nod. Then it was crazy bc my comp was trying to do everything and I was like I don't know what's going on. And one of the members was rude to Nancy, like rude rude. Like literally slammed the door in her face. And so Nancy left and said she should just go to her other ward and I was like YOU ARE KIDDING ME! So yeah Sunday was crazy! After church, however we found Nancy and talked to her and all is good so we hope she comes with us next week. Also we had a member walk around with us her name is Jenny. She is preparing for a mission. She is awesome!! 
We taught 3 lessons with her. Thanks to her we could teach two bc she was our extra woman. We were able to talk to Fernando and explain the importance of the conformation and going to church. A lot of the time when we are talking to him his mind is somewhere else. He is awesome and so smart but he doesn't always get it. Then when we got to the bottom of the stairs from his house. there was a girl with a bunch of bags and we are like can we help you carry them up. lol SHE LITERALLY LIVED IN THE VERY LAST HOUSE AT THE VERY TOP OF THE CERRO (HILL)!! WHAT ARE THE EVENS! Her name is Beatrice and she is never home. She is 20 and lives with her parents and is super awesome!!

Then when we climbed down the stairs again we went to visit Antoni. We had a cita/appointment set with him and we got to his house and knocked. He lives in a place where you have to know and have someone else open the door so that you can get through to the stairs to get to his door. So we called him and nothing. So we called his dad and his dad give us the number for his brother. So we called his brother and him again nothing. Then we called his dad again and asked if he was close and he said like 10 minutes so were, like dope we'll wait here (so I haven't yet figured out these computers and that's why I don't use apostrophes, sorry also I can't spell.) So he got there and we went up to his house and Antoni was sleeping or something.  Idk where Junior was. We haven't met him yet. But we talking to them and Antoni said he read the folleto and prayed about it and felt calm! Wooo! But we were like, what they heck what happened with church, and he said he was running with his brother. It was fun to teach them because we had to reteach Hidelbrando a little bc he wasn't there the day before but Antoni was able to explain a lot of it to him. We talked about why it is important to get baptized again, which is something lots of people here don't get. And they both accepted the baptism date. Hidelbrando says he wants to get baptized as a family and were like GREAT!  We left Antoni with a Book of Mormon and wow they are just great! Teaching lessons is the best part of missionary work.

After that lesson we went back home and my companion almost ate moldy bread. Like on purpose. I literally had to beg her not too. lol I don't even know.

Hna. Glassett  

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