Tuesday, January 24, 2017

So turns out I'm a boy .......

Monday, January 23, 2017

....... CHISTE!/JOKES!  It's just my poor companion .  She wants me to share my feelings and hug her and write her cute notes and I'm like I JUST WANT TO CHISTE/JOKE! 

My life is a little more dull than the ccm and home but I'm learning how to be a woman. (or so my companion says lol) 

This week we had lots of success. Heavenly Father really blessed us. Fernando is the best. He just doesn't understand everything ye but he was pumped to come to church yesterday and get the Holy Ghost!  We also met Antoni's twin brother, Junior! We have been teaching them almost every day and they are the best! Junior is finally warming up and opening up to us! They are super smart so it's fun to teach them because they have lots of questions and understand very quickly. They are both studying and don't have loads of time but they are making time! And cherry on the cake, they came to church yesterday! They both liked it and said they felt tranquilo/calm. Which I think is something they are both searching for being students.

This week seriously was super crazy.  We had citas almost every hour and we are working on being on time. 


We had lots of awesome lessons this week but then after they are not in their house and we don't see them for like weeks.

This week the members have been awesome at helping us with lessons. We are super blessed to be in such an awesome ward!

My pension's dog had her puppies this week. They are tiny!!  They are 9 and so cute!

Everyday I get more and more comfortable with the members and the language.  Oh and this week it rained. It was great!! But still hot lol. 

This week was fast and crazy and I'm sorry I don't have more to say.

Oh yeah this super weird thing happens when I walk down the street.  People yell "hello". Yeah no idea.  Crazy Peruvians with their made up words.

te amo
Hna Glassess (why is Glassett so hard)

We believe this is the baptism of Fernando.

mas de mi amor/more than my love

Yes I eat this with bread like a factura/pastry.

Erin's study area.  She is so proud that it's clean and organized.

There is a tiny bird on the step.  We thought it might be a spider, but she hasn't changed that much.  If it were a spider, she wouldn't be there. 

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