Tuesday, January 10, 2017

LO SIENTO/I'M SORRY. The one where Peru is crazy and the mission is crazy and my life is crazy.

Monday, January 9, 2017

This week was weird cause almost every morning we had something which means we only did language study like twice.  Which is a bummer because ya know, I would like to learn this language faster and it might help to study it.  Anyway, this week was also weird because we taught a lot of lessons.  Maybe that's normal, idk but last week we didn't teach this many.

We have been working this who week with Fernando, Katy Edwin Carmen y Kevin.  Fernando is gonna get baptized this Saturday.  He is ex police and is studying law.  He lives on the cerro (the hill) and you can see his house mostly everywhere you are.  It has a great view but there are lots of stairs to get up there.  We were pumped this week because he had his baptismal interview and then he just needed to come to church yesterday.  And he Did!!  He is awesome!  He has a huge desire to be baptized and he is gonna make a huge impact in the church.

Katy and Edwin are not married husband and wife.  They have two kids.  Matias and Luciana who are so cute and crazy.  Carmen is Katy's mom.  She lives with them and Kevin is her 13 year old brother  Edwin is a Mason (Idk what that means buy my companion freaked out when she learned that.)  They are both police officers and we have been teaching them every day.  Edwin loves to talk.  He knows a lot about the Bible and has been reading the Book of Mormon and likes it.  Carmen is always there but not super present. Katy is awesome.  She says she knows it is all true but when we ask her to get baptized, she hesitates.  Same with Kevin.  Kevin wasn't interested until two lessons ago when he started reading the pamphlets and filling out the part in the back and searching for the scripture references.  We left them with the Joseph Smith movie, the short one, and Kevin watched it.  He too hesitates though when it comes to baptism.  We were really hoping they would come to church because earlier in the week we showed them around the church so they knew what it was like and what to expect.  But they didn't so we were very sad.

Other investigators we taught this week.

Tomas is a very nice old man.  His wife in not interested in learning more about God.  He was very interested when we talked to him and taught the first lesson.  But after that we couldn't find him at home and when we finally got hold of him, he was in the hospital or something so we haven't seen him in a while.

_______ is a nice "old" lady who has suffered a lot in her life.  She has a daughter with downs who is so sweet and when we met her we were walking and she was sweeping her porch and she let us in to teach her.  Her daughter was there and when she saw me she freaked. lol.  She got up to give me a hug and everything. ______ loves God and Christ and loved our message.  She said she has met with the missionaries before and wants to get baptized but her husband is kind of mean and said no.  She is very scared of him.  She came to sacrament with us and loved it and after she was like, I have to leave.  It's sad she lives a life of fear.

The Familia Pulalominacernae.  We have been trying to teach them for the last two weeks but haven't found them at home but yesterday we did.  And we taught lesson one and they were so interested and had questions  It's Alberto and Esther, the parents and the only daughter there was Jackie.  I think she's 22 or something.  But Esther was literally proving everything right with the Bible.  For example, we said we have prophets who live right now and explained, Thomas S. Monson. And prophets before and Jackie was like, "All in America. Why?"  And Esther's like, "yeah, it says that in the Bible.  America is blessed.  BOM? Oh yeah in the bible it says that there are more books of course."  Like they just loved it.  They could be a really strong family in the church!

Ok, we had a contacting activity this week and I was with Hermana Winnard (stl) of Utah.  She is so awesome.  I was also in a split because Hermana Mendoza had a training for trunky.  So I was in Bolivar with con Hermana Moffat (stl) of Utah.  She is awesome, tam bien.  We taught two lessons and she just helped me with some questions lol because of the language barrier con my dear sweet Hermana Mendoza. It was so fun and nice to speak in English for a little. 

Cool experience of the week.  We were walking and someone said something in English and I ignored it like usual because normally it's some man saying, "hello beautiful lady, good afternoon."  But this was a guy from the states visiting and I got to talk to him in English. It was super cool and reminded me that I love to be a missionary.  He was very interested and wants to come to church next week.

Random things of the week. 

I do this really fun this almost every day... Shock myself in the shower.  Our shower head is just low enough that my head touches.  So I have to bend over.  But sometimes I forget and if my head touches I get shocked.  It's really exciting  Oh, also, I stepped in dog poop this week.  Just another day in paradise.

Today has been a really weird pday.  We did everything normal and at 10 we started cleaning our room.  Mendoza cleaned the kitchen and I cleaned the bathroom and swept our room.  Our room was neat but was dusty and the bathroom needed a real cleaning.  So we cleaned for a long time, like two hours and then we went to write.  It was 12:30.  He told us we could for 20 minutes so we did goals and emailed president and left.  We had to be in Magdalena at the office at 2:30 because Mendoza had a problem and needed to go to the clinica.  We were there for like two and half hours and we waited forever and they told her like nothing, so that was frustrating.  We got back to the office at 6:30 and left at 7:15.  They said we could have one hour to write but we needed to get back to Rimac.  Mendoza was asking if there was any way that we could write there (at the mission office) and I really wanted to write but I didn't want to be a burden and so I told them it was ok.  So we left.  And we had a conversation about that on the walk to the bus because there was a misunderstanding but we talked it over and we good.  I am worried about her because she is worried about the news she got today so I know she didn't mean to be short.  We left for Rimac on a bus at 7:15 and well now it's 7:45 so we'll see when we get there lol. Also we haven't eaten today. lol.  What a crazy day.  I am writing this on a bus and there is man standing next to me who is literally falling asleep.  (Note for clarity:  The letter was hand written, photo copied and then emailed.  The photo is the last part of the "letter.") 

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