Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I am the zoo

January 30, 2017

Today we went to the zoo.

Right when we were walking in two kids ran over to me and Hna. Winward (she's awesome and my STL rn with Hna. Sanchez who is also awesome) and were asking us where we were from so we answered. Then they left and then came running back and asked if I would take a picture with their cousin.  I was like, for the love, sure. Then I took a picture with this little baby (I did not hold the baby por las dudas*) and yeah I'm actually the zoo.  (*Mission rules are that you cannot hold a baby so she's basically saying, in case you were wondering, I didn't hold the baby.)

But anyway, this week was very different and very crazy. We had a meeting in the morning on Wednesday I think and they changed the schedule for missionaries!!  Now in Latin America we wake up at 7:30 and we go to bed at 11:30.  We have a longer pday and our studies are not scheduled.  We have like the time we need to use for the studies and the hours in which they should be done, but we get to choose the order and when.  Like we have from 11 until 930 or 10 to proselyte and in that time we need to study language and companionship and 12 weeks.  It's super different and we feel like we are breaking the rules but it's great and it is really gonna help us teach more people.  Thursday we had a devotional with Elder cook!  IT WAS DOOOPE!  Idk if I should explain a talk from an apostle like that but I'm gonna bc it was! His testimony is super powerful!  Elder Godoy was there too with his wife and he is awesome!  Sister Cook spoke too.  She is so cute!  The main message I got from the whole thing was humility and diligence.  Basically strive to be more like Christ every moment. Know that you always need be working to be better.  But don't be discouraged bc you're not perfect. We are here to strive to be. Also the Lord's time is a time I do not want to waste. I can give 18 months to him for all the blessings I have received.  But if I'm gonna give it, I better GIVE IT!  And leave it all on the field. 

This week we have been working with Antoni and Junior.  They are twins.  They are 20 and they are both AWESOOME!!  They are super smart and are both reading and praying.  This week Junior was away visiting his mom and Antoni couldn't come to church bc his dad had a bunch of stuff for him to do Sunday but they really are so stellar!

We are also teaching Maria.  She is the girlfriend of a recent convert and she is really excited to be baptized.  She is reading too but she didn't come to church yesterday and we don't know why.  Super sad! 

Isabel is a little old lady we met Saturday and she came to church with us.  She is so sweet and takes care of her sister.  She accepted a baptismal date and really is just a sweet cute old lady!

Today we went to the zoo (i.e., my house) for pday with just Hermanas.  It was super cool!  They have the animals separated into parts based on where they live.  The coolest part was the jungle.  They don't have many animals and stuff there but the plants were awesome!  There is also a place where they have pine trees.  I felt like I was in Utah for 10 Mississippi's.  Last pday we went to a Catholic church museum thing.  It was super beautiful.  There were lots of tiles and these beautiful gardens and a tower with bells that we climbed that had a really cool view of the city!

Love you all.  Peru is great!!!
Hna Glassett
At the Catholic church museum with Hermana Mendoza.

The view from the Catholic church museum with Hermana Winward.

Mate when it's 10000 degrees.  For you papi.

At her home in the zoo. : )

"Me at the end of my mission lol."

Mendoza, Glassett, Sanchez and Winward.

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