Monday, February 6, 2017


Monday, February 6, 2017

Yes this is a Grinch quote and anyone who thought is wasn't..... I HAAAAAAAATE YOOOOOOU! (another Grinch quote relax) 

SO yes it's true I'm going to kill my companion tomorrow.  I don't know yet the time or who will be my next victim but I'm excited to have a change and sad to see her go.

This week we were in the offices a lot for my comp's visa stuff and interviews. It took up a lot of time so that was kind of a bummer but it's necessary so whatever. 

We had intercambios with the STL's this week too. It was different in that we all four go together to the lessons but my comp and I sit and listen and don't do anything unless asked.  We just watch and learn.  It was fun. Hna Winward and Hna Sanchez are great!  And I love being able to speak English and make jokes with Hna Winward.  When we got back to their apartment.  Yes they have more than one room in their house, pitocasas/rich.  Hna Winward and I set up the bunk bed all by ourselves and it was so ridiculous bc it was so difficult to do it with only two people and we were sweating and laughing because it was so ridiculous, lol.  We did it though and I didn't fall on Hna Mendoza during the night so it's all good!  There was a tiny earthquake that night and I thought it was a dream until they woke me up but we don't have to do anything.  All was well.

The next few days passed like nothing!!  So fast! My companion has no more money so I put us on a budget, lol, life here is literally ridiculous.  It's great!  Idk if I told the story about how a couple weeks ago we were walking down the stairs of the cerro/hill and there was a girl with a bunch of bags and we were like, can we help you and she lived literally in the last house at the top. Well HF thinks we need more exercise or something bc yesterday we were having a noche hogar/FHE in Fernando's* house on the cerrro/hill and when we got to the bottom there was all the parts to a bed.  So of course we asked if we could help. SAME FAMILY! There were like 9 of us carrying this stuff up these stairs. It was hilarious!  We were all sweating an breathing heavy by the end of it!

The noche hogar/FHE was awesome though. We had 2 investigators and a recent convert and some members and we talked about enduring to the end.

Junior has been away on vacation this week so we have just been sending him homework to read.  We have been meeting with Antoni and he is awesome!  They have a lot of problems in their family so that is making things hard for them and they are having a hard time recognizing their answers.  They are awesome and both really want to follow Christ! 

We taught a lady last week and she came to church with us this week.  We were stopping by her house to see her and she wasn't there. Then the other two times we met a bruja/witch(sorry but it's true) her sister. She was yelling at us saying, my sister is catholic please don't provoke me, don't come teach her, she's Catholic she doesn't want this. And we were like, well did she say she did want us to visit her? and she's like, I'm her sister, don't come back!  So that makes it hard to visit her. Poor lady has a heart made of stone.

This week we got a fan in our room so that was super nice! Now we only half die of heat!  Literally it's super nice to have it though.  It's CRAZY HOT HERE!

Literally everything here is super crazy and super ridiculous and I love it!

Hna. Glassett

Erin learned that Fernando travels often to Cusco.  He was visiting there during the summer and remembers seeing Erin at the airport. 

Mason's birthday celebration in Peru.  Lemon pie and milhojas/pastry.

The bunk bed masters!


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