Tuesday, January 3, 2017

You have beautiful eyes, name that movie

Monday, January 2, 2017

So yesterday a drunk man followed me around the street and we had to lose him. Just another day in paradise. lol

Okay I want to apologize in advance for this crazy letter because I didn't plan it out before but I will do my best to write about the week.

So my companion is Hna Mendoza, de Argentina, Santa Fe.  She doesn't speak with the sh here but she likes maté and soccer.

Our ward is Leoncio Prado 2 (look it up) we are in Rimac. We share the ward with a set of Elders, our zone leaders, one of whom is Elder Barlow who we met in the office when we visited this summer! He's a super cool Elder.

Our pensionista is Hna Letty Garcia, the bishop's wife. The bishop's family is awesome!  And all the food I have had here is SO GOOD! Hna Larson told them I couldn't eat a lot of rice and I needed veggies so woot woot!  We eat lunch with them every day but Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Saturday and Sunday we eat with members and today no se.  Our ward mission leader is Hno Otero.  He is AWESOME!  He is probably 70 and works at the temple with his wife, Flor. They always give us cookies and fruta! Hna Flor comes with us to lessons all the time. She is great! She will walk around with us for hours and we're like, are you okay and she's like, I love to be a missionary. She is so cute!

We had a meeting at their house with the Elders on new year's eve to talk about our people and the gave us Panettone (ew) and hot chocolate and cookies. (like knock off oreos but yummy) They are so sweet!!

We were supposed to have a baptism this Saturday but he didn't come to church. Planchas Fernando. We don't have any progressive investigators rn. It's a difficult time to talk to people bc the holiday and summer vacation. The people here love to listen to us. They love God and Christ but they are flakey. We make citas for the next day and when we get there they're not there. Oh well, we do what we can.

I'm not sure the boundaries of my area for sure but I think it's pretty small. But there are SO MANY PEOPLE!!! It's insane!

Everyone we talk to on the street is like, yeah I would love to listen.  I have lots of faith! Then when we ask when we can visit them. They say, oh I work all the time every day! I'm always at work. And yet, there are ALWAYS people on the street.  Like I want to ask, is your office on the side of the road cause that's where ya always are! lol chiste.

My Spanish gets better everyday. The people here mumble a lot.

There were a bunch of fireworks on new years but we just went to sleep. or tried.

Sunday was good. ish. It was a hard day just bc I have been frustrated bc I have lots of goals and I want to talk to people and help them and be such a good missionary but I can't do a lot because I don't know the language. So I feel stuck.  I know I'm learning everyday, but it's hard to be the missionary I want to be when I don't know the language very well.

My companion and I do not have a habit of being on time as well. Which is part of the Peruvian culture, but also we need to be better so that's a goal for this week.

I was reading in true to the faith today in adversity and 2 Nefi 4. He's here to help me. I'm given these hard times, like you said in your letter mom, so i can appreciate the good ones. I love DyC 121-123 when Jose is in liberty. All this is for my good to help me learn.

SO nobody has asked me to take a picture but I couldn't even count the times that I hear a whistle or a hello! Or a man yelling at me in broken English. So many times a day, how are you! good afternoon! Gringa Gringa! One of my favs was we were contacting this man and his wife and we were saying goodbye and he says to me in broken English "you have beautiful eyes" and I kind of loled and said gracias and he said thank you. I was like that's not the response you're usually supposed to give but I'll let it fly this time. lol Peruvian men are crazy. Envia ayuda chiste. (send help, jokes.)  I think that's all for this week. I'll plan better for next week.

Hna Glassett

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