Tuesday, February 21, 2017

and Peru feeds me chicken

Monday, February 20, 2016

Well this week I ate chicken stomach and chicken foot. These sneaky Peruvians hide all sorts of stuff in their soups!  Just another day in paradise.

Well this week was rough.  We had nothing this week, literally nothing.  We have been searching our area book every morning to find ancient investigators and we went to visit or called almost all of them.  Nobody wanted to meet with us and everyone we had a lesson with didn't want us to come back. 

We walked and walked and walked around our sector this week. (which isn't big, but still)

We had a training this week and it made me think about this gospel.  This gospel is a gift we need to act like it.  We have a responsibility to share it with everyone.  This week I have been trying to treat the gospel like the gift that it is every time i talk with someone about it.

We also had another training to plan an open house for the church.  It's gonna be super cool .  We are gonna have members explaining the organizations and we will be explaining doctrine.  I'm really excited!

This week was slow and difficult but I know that if we are more obedient in the morning and more diligent in the afternoon then we will see more miracles in the night time.  This week my comp and I are gonna do that.  We have big plans to work really hard this week to do ALL we can to share the gospel because when we are doing all we can do then Christ will fill in the rest.  I love the example of optimism that Pres Hinkley shows. "It will all work out."  This week was bad but it will all work out.

Today for pday my comp and I made baleadas (very traditional Honduran dish she learned from Zach) and bought some skirts. (well they will be skirts)  The markets here are awesome, I love them.

Last pday we made marcianos/popsicle which are super delish!!  The new horario/schedule is great but also difficult because we get to choose when we do things lol and y'all know how much I like to choose lol.  Heavenly father loves to turn up the heat.

There is no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort zone.

te amo mucho

Hna Glassett  

Eating Baleadas

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