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Monday, February 13, 2017

My response to everyone who yells GRINGA in the street.

So February is the month of carnivals and that means people drink (more) and throw water and paint at each other in the street. Weekdays are pretty tranquilo but yesterday I almost got soaked. They saw me and were like gringa, gringa, soak her, get the water yeah yeah yeah and someone went off running.  Not sure why but my instincts tell me they went to get water.  Well someone else went running too. US.  And by running I mean missionary style speed walking so almost the same thing.  So far so good.

SO the cats out of the bag.  I've killed one person.  My new companion is Hna Lizarbe from HUANCAYO!!  She is awesome!!  She is ready to work and I love learning the different way she does things.  AND SHE IS FUNNY AND LAUGHS AT MY JOKES!!  For this I will keep her.  lol  We joke about needing emergency changes everyday.  That's how you know you're friends.  She is sarcastic and super chill so we get along really well.  We have a better flow too and I feel less scared to talk to people in the street and more comfortable talking in lessons and stuff.  It could be that my Spanish is improving because I can feel that happening too.  It was weird having a new companion though bc I had to show her where people live, tell her about the ward the people here and plan pretty much who we can visit and stuff.  It helped me though to take more responsibility.  This change is gonna be greeeeeeeeat. (that was on accident but imma leave it bc it adds emphasis.)

We taught Antoni this week and he is just being a bit stubborn.  He wants to get baptized and everything on his own time not Gods.  Junior came back from Ayacucho and we had a lesson with him.  He needs to pray but he is reading a lot which is great!  We also taught some other new people this week.  Clara is a woman who is so excited about everything we are telling her but can't come to church bc her family....   Judith is awesome but doesn't recognize the importance of church attendance.  Why do people not go to church, why?

This week we were knocking doors and Hna Lizarbe accidentally rang the doorbell of a church and a woman let us in to teach her and she was all for our message hasta/until apostasy.  Then her heart became so hard she could have used it to dig to the center of the earth.  She just kept saying tu me estas diciendo (you are saying to me) and stupid things like that.  We don't believe in the bible and the teachings of Christ aren't important.  I was like, I CAN SEE YOUR EARS HOW ABOUT YOU TRY USING THEM!  lol  She was quite the character.  I bore my testimony to her and we tryna leave and I said I know this gospel is true and this church is the only church that has the authority of God and she was like tu me estas diciendo/you are saying to me that my church isn't true?
I was like here we go. I can't lie I'm a representative of Jesus Christ.  So I said no.
And she was like why?
Well you don't have the authority of God.
I don't have the authority of God? I believe in Christ.
Yes but the authority of God is the authority to act in the name of Christ.
But I do that.
Well you don't have the authority to do that.
And your church does?
Then she started on about something that really is not important to share bc her mind was more closed then chick-fil-a on a Sunday after 10 (very closed).  Anyway that was my fun experience this week. 

This week to come our goal is 500 contacts so my Spanish will either improve or I'll die trying.

I made a goal for my mission today.  I'm gonna read the whole bible.  New and old.  I've been reading in Matthew and what I've learned is I need to read faster. lol  No I love the sermon on the mount.  And interesting how Christ teaches the EXACT SAME THINGS  in the Americas when he visits.  My whole life I never even knew.  Lo siento/I'm sorry if this is old news. Matthew 5-7 creo/I think and 3 Nephi 12-14 something like that.


Hna. Glassett

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