Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Manganda Rimac

Monday, March 27, 2017


The zone leaders called us Monday night and said Hna Glassett you are staying and I didn't believe them!  I was like c c c c COMO!!!!!  But I'm so happy to stay I love it here!  I'm sad that Hna Lizarbe had to go.  I love that girl!  So I got my new companion on Tuesday, Hna Meroy.  She is from the Philippines. (shout out to Nicole and Hannah)  She served for 12 weeks in the Philippines waiting on her visa and then she went to the CCM in Lima then here she is with me!!  She speaks English pretty well and she is teaching me Tagalog. lol.  Her Spanish is really good too and she is not afraid to talk to anyone which is really helping her Spanish improve!  We have made some great plans for the cambio and I'm super excited.  We plan to baptize the world and we are starting in Leoncio Prado. (my ward)

This week was really fast!!  We talked to SO MANY people!  We had almost every lesson fall through so this week was a whole lot of walking around but we saw miracles.  I know that if we are obedient and diligent and do everything we can to be good God will send us miracles, we just have to recognize them.

It's been a little hard this week bc since my companion doesn't know anything about Peru I've got to guide her and talk a LOT and I have to understand everything the people say in order for us to do our job.  It's a little overwhelming but I know that through faith in Christ I can do anything so it will all work out.  My throat hurts from talking so much though. haha 

This week we met a lot of people and we had an AMAZING lesson with this huge family last night!!  We met the grandpa in the park and then we went back to visit them and met his wife his daughter, granddaughter, grandsons and his daughter-in-law.  We taught them all and they are all really excited for us to come back.  In the apartment there are 11 people living there and four more live upstairs.  They are a great family and I'm so grateful we were led to them!

Something I have been putting into practice that I learned from Hna Meroy is to not fear man.  Fear god more than you fear man and if you do that you really will be able to feel that God's got your back.

The women's conference this weekend was so great!  Because my companion is new we were able to watch it in English and that was such a blessing!  I loved how they talked about service and really being centered on Christ because when you are serving with a happy heart there is no way to not be centered on Christ!  I'm so excited for general conference!!!

les amooooo

Hna Glassett

This is the cerro to get up to Fernando's house.

This is the table he moved upstairs and set up for us.  He is such a sweet man

This is last pday.  We went and ate lunch with the other Hnas and Fernando.  He has a museum in his house.  He said we can go visit him anytime.  He cooks really well too. lol

The gun is from the civil war. Yeah, civil war people!  I held that baby in my hands.

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