Monday, April 3, 2017

Dear Sweet Peru

Monday, April 3, 2017

So this week FLEW BY.
We had a training in which Pres gave us some really good pointers and we started off the Easter initiative.  Go watch the videos they are great!!!! lol

So Pres gave us the promise that if we teach people not lessons and are exactly obedient we will reach our goal for baptisms in April.  So that' what we are doing.  He really emphasized the studies too.  So this week we have been putting it into practice and we have seen miracles.  We have found a family Martin y Carla who are so great! (but not married) who are gonna come to a fhe with us tonight and they are so excited about the Book of Mormon and believe in prophets!!  We also we able to teach Alberto y Ana (also not married) who we have been trying to contact for months.  We had a really great lesson with them in which they are SO HUNGRY for the gospel!  We are gonna go have a jam sess with them tonight for pday (my comp plays guitar and so does Alberto and its super fun!)  Then we found Larry.  He was our taxi driver on the way to the training this week and he lives in our sector!  So we went by to visit him and he said when we got out of his car something said now's the time Larry.  He wants to get baptized so bad but he is also not married so he needs to talk to his wife who is always in the hospital bc her mother is sick.  But we know nothing is impossible and Larry came to conference and he really has desires to change and be better!!  He wants his whole family to listen to us!!  Miracles.

This week I felt very crazy lol more than usual and I really took advantage of the Prince of Peace Easter initiative to give me peace.  It is something I have really been searching for. 

I loved conference and it was funny bc we got there for Saturday morning and there were no keys to open the box that had the switch to turn conference on so we missed all but the last 20 minutes (Peru jij) but it was all great (everything else) and I really loved elder Stevenson's talk on using the holy ghost as a comforter and Elder Palmer's about having love for someone in helping them to change.

Te amo mucho


My compi

Pday we had a movie day.  We watched 17 miracles.


My Compi

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