Monday, April 24, 2017

Call Me Queen

Monday, April 24, 2017

This week a drunk man kissed my hand so now y'all can call me queen. lol.

This week was so fast I didn't even see it.  Okay, so we are working with Jorge and he is awesome.  He came to church then to the noche misional/missionary night we had, then to church again and he is just so excited about everything in the gospel!! 

We had a lesson with a great family Saturday but they didn't come to church.  Their son says he's atheist but he was listening and seemed interested when we taught the plan of salvation. 

We also are teaching another lady, Marina, who is a really nice woman.  She cares for the dogs on the street.  She likes the message but is still a little confused and I think a little overwhelmed with everything we are explaining bc it is VERY NEW for her.  But she is great she just needs to come to church!!

This week we had the noche misional/missionary night!  And the zone leaders were the ones who came up with the idea so they were really excited!  It was supposed to start at 7:30 and Elder Barlow went in to do a baptismal interview at like 7.  At 7:5 everyone showed up and we had them all waiting until 8 when finally Hna Meroy and I started it bc Elder Barlow was still doing the interview!  So i just wrote a program on the white board and we started singing.  We had a prayer then and the elders were still not done.  So I just stood up and started talking.  I don't really know what I said but something about parables and the 10 virgins!  We had to wait for them to do the act bc Elder DeArce was gonna read it and Elder Barlow was gonna sell oil!!  We were the wise and foolish virgins with some of the young women and the bishop was the bridegroom.  But we had to wait for them!!!  So I just talked for a while then said okay we are gonna go get something and left!!  Then I went downstairs and he was still in there!!!  So I was like WHAT DO I DO!  And Elder DeArces like saves us!!!  Then Elder Ralphs (the Elder who's investigator was getting interviewed) gave me his usb to play some videos.  So we went up and started that then went back down and told Elder Ralphs and Elder Popa that they had to do the part if Elder Barlow wasn't finished in 5 minutes.  Then we heard the bishop take the mic and start talking and we were like CRAP!  So we ran upstairs and told him okay we will start as soon as you finish talking!!  And right when he finished Elder Barlow and Elder DeArce walked upstairs!! Then we started and it was GREAT!!  It was funny but it also had a good message and we had like 50 people there with 10 investigators.  The ward is pumped and we are gonna have another one in 2 weeks!!

Saturday they told us that in the other ward there would be another open house like we did in March!  So Hna Carrasco and I went and did it bc we are the only Hna's who know how and it was very interesting.  Basically there was nothing prepared and we were all very stressed bc the missionaries had to do everything for an activity that should have been done with the ward.  It's fine though.  We had a few people go through and I made one old man cry when I asked him what Jesus meant to him lol. 

We also had a multizona this week which was awesome and helped a bunch and now I'm out of time but I love you all.

Hna Glassett 

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