Tuesday, May 2, 2017

off we go to save the dayyyyy

Monday, May 1, 2017

So yes the rumors are true.  Changes are tomorrow.  I have no idea what's gonna happen but this change flew by!!  I did not see it!!

This week was really good.  I just don't remember it very well. lol  Oh last pday was fun we rode on a two story bus up to a cross in the Elder's sector.  You can see like all of Lima (when its not foggy lol). 

The rest of the week was normal except my companion's birthday which was a great day!!  She's 25 viejita/old woman!

This week we walked around a lot and nobody was home or let us in.  So we just got a good work out lol.  But it is kind of hard when you don't teach any lessons all day.  I feel very blessed for those I do teach.

Jorge came to church again and that makes three times he has come.  But he just shoots us down every time we invite him to be baptized.  We are gonna try and help him increase his faith this week.

We taught a lesson to a recent convert's little brother and mom this week.  She is 15 and shared her testimony and it was so powerful her brother cried.  It was awesome.  We have good plans for this family! 

We talked to so many people this week and we are all set to have a stellar week next week.  Even though we didn't have many lessons or really much success this week I felt at peace bc I know we did all we could!  This week we were so darn tired too!  haha My companion used Tagalog in her contacting again!!  That's three times!  It's so funny we die laughing!!  This cambio/change has been great and I am so happy to have been with Hna Meroy for 6 weeks!  

Les amoooo
Hna Glassett

this might be our last few days together pic

also we save the world everyday lol

my dear Hna Carrasco (stl) 

Plaza de Armas in the centro de

All of us.

Homemade cheesecake with homemade sour cream on top.

My birthday!

My birthday!

Pday de zona we played water balloon capture the flag

Pday de Hermanas (I know I look Asian but I'm not Hna Meroy is)

Zona Rimac!! 

Zona Rimac!! 

Almost all and windy as wind.

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