Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Holy Week

Monday April 17, 2017

Literally bc it is Semana Santa. And bc holy week!  This week I had three old men join my fan club.  One of which told me if I would let him be with me he would love me all my life.  I'm pretty sure that is apostasia. jaja  I AIN'T TRYNA BE YOUR WIFE MAN!!   Oh the Peruvian creep the crap right out of me (not literally) (and I appreciate the help but.... mas you should know how this ends. jaja)  So yeah also we have an old man investigator who has my same birthday and he lives alone and always just wants us to come in his house when he knows the rules that we can't!!! lol Peru Peru.

Yeah so this week was suuuper dead!!  Bc it's holy week, all the people here like to celebrate by visiting a bunch of churches in one day then the rest of the week just getting totally wasted.  What a way to celebrate the resurrection of our savior. jaja  Oh Peru.  So literally there was no one on the street or at home that wanted to talk to us and we had nothing until the end of the week.  We had interviews this week with Pres. which are always good bc he gives such good advice!  I got to do a little practice with him to commit him to be baptized so that was helpful bc he had great feedback!!


But yeah so we have really been trying to clean our investigators out (that sounds bad) and just focus our time more on those who are progressing.  And we have found two really awesome people okay three. So one is my number 2 fan, Ulises' friend!  Ulises has my same birthday and he was a contact and we went to his house and he invited his friend Jorge over and Jorge is super interested and came to church!!  So we are really excited to keep working with him! 

Then last night we found Marina and her daughter!  Her daughter is deaf but I think she can read lips and hears a little with her hearing aid or whatever it's called.  It was a cool lesson bc the spirit was so strong and we watched the Pascua/Easter video which was great bc it has words so Andrea (the daughter) can read it.  Most of the time during the lesson she was just reading the pamphlet and she read the whole thing but when my companion was telling the first vision she was very attentive and I really think she can feel it and knows it's true.  We now just have to help her mom.  But her mom gave the prayer at the end of the lesson and cried!  And we were able to help her realize that she was feeling the spirit.  They already have a friend from the church too so we are really excited to keep working with them too!!

This Friday we have a mission activity in the ward.  We are gonna act out the 10 virgins. (it was the elders idea. jaja)  It should be really funny I hope!!  And we are hoping to get a lot of people there!! 

Also today I turned 20 and I feel the same as I did when I was 19 until I found a gray hair.  JAJA JOKES NO GRAY HAIRS.  I FEEL LIKE I'M 8!! jaja 

Life is good here in Peru.  My compi Hna Meroy is the best and we have lots of fun and lots of laughs together!!
Les amoo mucho!!
Hna Glassett

Hna Alicia our landlady who owns the restaurant we live above.

Last pday

My pensionista, the bishops wife, Hna Leti.

I made sour cream.  It only took 2 tries.  (Erin was craving cheesecake so she make her own sour cream for the top.  Wonder... where'd she get a springform pan?)

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