Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Prinice of Peace

Monday, April 10, 2017

Grateful for him bc without him I would literally go crazy.  This week has been crazy in fact I don't even remember what we did lol.  We had a capacitation/training in Magdalena which took most of the day and I fell asleep on the bus que sueño.  

We had a rough beginning of the week but as the week moved on it got better.  We were able to find a family at home who we had contacted Ronald and Sandra.  They are really awesome and very receptive.  Although it was one of those lessons where I don't know if they really understood anything we said but the spirit was there so it doesn't matter. 

We also had an interesting talk with Larry.  He is so excited and really wants to continue on the path but his wife and mother-in-law are very Catholic and Evangelical so it is gonna be hard but he is really excited! 

We also got to go in my dream house!  So there is this house we pass by almost everyday that has a door that is an arch and I always say I love that door.  And we walked past the other day and they were sitting outside so I said I love your door can we visit you sometime so we can see the inside?  They said yes.  They were visited 3 years ago by Elder Davis of Sandy (Jax might know him) and they believe in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith but they say they are Catholic and won't change.  We will see but they're house is beautiful!  It's huge.  The biggest house I've been in in Peru and they are so nice so I'm excited to visit them again.

This week was long and short and crazy and peaceful and I'm so happy to be here. 

Les amo tanto 
Hermana Glassett 

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