Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Jaime lol

Monday, May 29, 2017

Well this week was a little stressful with the baptismal interviews but everything worked out great!  So Saturday we did a service activity where we washed cars for free and it was great!!  Lots of people came and we washed lots of cars and motos.  (the motos were the worst tan cochino)  So we started at 11 and washed until 2 and the baptism was to start at 3.  So we looked at the font and it was SUCIO!!!  So we had to clean that too and as we are cleaning 2:30 rolls around and we are still in ropa de pday cleaning when in walks Jaime with his neighbors who are members!!! Ah su!!!  So we finished up quick and got ready to leave and the blessed elders finished up for us. (we haven't eaten lunch yet and we´re starving!!)  So we are told that the person who was gonna baptize Jaime couldn't come but he talked to the bishop to do it.  So we called the bishop and he said he couldn't so we called the elders quorum pres and he said he could!!!  So we ran (literally) to the bishop's to get the baptismal clothing and then to our cuarto to change and we got back at just after 3.  Well a whole bunch of members showed up ready to participate and Jaime's dad (he is so old and frail) and his sister came!!  So that made the day very special for him!  The baptism was great and everything went by smoothly.  Jaime was so happy and the next day he came to church in a suit one of the members gave him.  With a white shirt and tie and he was so happy!!  Jaime is a miracle he was so prepared we literally did nothing. 

We also have found an awesome family who we are working with to get married.  Their son Renzo reminds me of Jamesey.  I love him!!  They are great and they came to church so we are very excited to keep working with them.

The cambio is coming to an end so fast and I really feel like I'm gonna leave this time.

Today for pday de zona we are gonna play volleyball.  I'm pumped!!  The mission is great and I'm so happy to be here.

Les amo much
Hna Glassett

Lots of photos but the computers...  Au su Peru.    

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