Monday, May 22, 2017

Mother's Day

Monday, May 15, 2017

Oh good gracious my friends I don't know if it's me or Peru but nothing works out how I want it EVER!  So this week was a hard one as far as success goes.  Jaime is progressing great and so happy!  Inviting EVERYONE to his baptism.  Jorge still gives me headaches.  We made some progress with a woman named Dalia.  The first time we met her was like 2 transfers ago with Lizerbe and she wasn't super friendly but now after passing by and talking to her for almost 3 months we have been able to build a trust and I think she will get baptized in June.

Talking to the fam was great!

Our goal this week with my comp is to knock on every door in one of our "neighborhoods."  It's a bunch of apartments.  We just say everyday fourth floor last door. (shout out to Pres Uchtdorf, idk how to spell your name still sorry)  We are gonna find the family that's there waiting for us. 

So yeah as far as my first sentence lol.  So we tried skyping my comps fam Sat night bc of time difference from the Philippines and the skype didn't work.  So then we tried the next morning really early and they weren't there.  So then the zl's told us to email someone who could call her fam and make sure they would be on so we could do it Sun night and so we had to go to the bishop's and wait for sooo long!!  But it all worked in the end!  She was able to talk to her family and it sounded so weird her language lol.  But yeah so we learned listen to your leaders cause we had citas and just really wanted to leave but bc we didn't it all worked out lol.  

les amooooo the church is true

Hna Gassett

The door she spoke about a few weeks ago that she thought was so pretty and wanted to meet the people who lived behind it.

Last day of transfer.

My compi is so Asian she gets her power from tuna and noodles lol

I'm a phantom.

Dance party.

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