Monday, May 8, 2017


Monday, May 8, 2017

I love this place. Rimac is my home. So yeah the rumors are true. I'm still in Rimac with Hna Meroy and when my DL called and told us that you better BELIEVE I jumped up and danced around our (very small but cozy) room shouting I'M STAYING IN RIMAC!

So our goal is to find out why I'm still here.  This will be my 4th transfer in Rimac which means I will spend 6 months in Rimac so there is someone here still waiting for me and we are gonna find them!! 

This week we had a miracle.   My companion contacted this man named Jaime.  He invited us into his house.  He looked WASTED (my comp always contacts drunks lol) but his sister was inside so we were like, ehh why not.  And GUYS!  HE WASN'T DRUNK (maybe hungover) BUT HE SAID HE WANTED TO CHANGE HIS LIFE!  His sister told us he was a drunk his dad came out and was like help him he's always passed out drunk on the street!  So he was like I've been addicted to drugs and smoking and I let it all go but now I'm an alcoholic and I'm tired of this life I live.  I want to change.  So we testified that this message could change his life and told him that if he prayed everyday and read his scriptures and the pamphlets his appetite for alcohol would go away.  Well we left him with the restoration pamphlet and the word of wisdom and he said he wanted to get baptized.  We came back the next day and his sister was gone so he had a table set up outside with a table cloth and he looked like a new man.  He shaved.  He had glasses and was wearing clean clothes and had his bible and the pamphlets.  Since then he has just been eating it up!  He went to church and loved it.  He is accepting everything we teach.  HE BORE HIS TESTIMONY ON THE BOOK OF MORMON AT TESTIMONY MEETING AND WE GAVE IT TO HIM SATURDAY NIGHT!  He wants the stake president to baptize him and he does not have an appetite for alcohol.  He is so prepared and I could go on for hours about how great he is but I don't have hours.  So I'll just say I love seeing the hand of God in this work and I'm so grateful he led my companion and I to this street so we could find him.

Also we are teaching Jorge and Maria who came back from vacation!  Good things ahead in Leoncio Prado!!!

Love you all
Hna Glassett

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