Monday, August 7, 2017

just another night it paradise REMIX

Monday, August 7, 2017

So this week started off normal.  It's always those weeks that get you.

We started with a meeting in the mission office with Pres.  It was great.  In July we had 106 baptisms in the mission so we made our goal of 196 for August its gonna be dope!  

But yeah then we had an activity on Thursday in the church and we were there it was super fun when we got a call from the personal secretary, Elder Crawford, and he said there is an Hna in the hospital and we had to go bc I was gonna stay the night with her there.  She is from Idaho, Hna Law.  She has 1 week in the field and I guess she ate something and she got real sick.  They said she had an infection in her stomach and I won't tell details but things were bad.  So she had been there since Tuesday.  We left Lince and went to the hospital which is in our zone and Hna Carrasco went back with the comp of Hna Law and I stayed there and slept on the couch!  (but this hospital is like super nice)  So the next day we had another meeting with Pres and Hna Larson and after I went back to the hospital and Hna Carrasco y Hna Mendieta worked in her sector for a bit.  Then I slept in Lince. 

Saturday seemed like it would be normal..... lol.  We had a baptism for Claudia.  The ward did not pull through like we hoped but it only started 30 minutes late and Claudia was still happy so it's fine.  Then at night we were walking around trying to find those who needed to come to church and we got a call from Elder Pender (assistant).  He said Hna Law fell after her endoscopia and hit her head and got knocked out and her brain is fine no bleeding nothing broken or fractured in her head or skull or face...... but she has lost all her memory of the mission.  She remembers the night before she left her house and nothing else.  So no Spanish so they said Hna Glassett you are gonna go stay with her the night so she can understand someone.  What else could go wrong right!.  lol  But I got there we slept.  Her head was hurting pretty bad but she is in good spirits.  The good thing is I think she knocked the infection out of herself bc her stomach is a lot better hahaha. Or maybe she's just not thinking about it bc she is concussed.  So yeah basically she just was on some anesthesia and she fell and knocked her self out.  And she hit hard bc she also knocked her memory out.  But as Sunday went on (yes I spent all Sunday in the hospital) she was remembering little things little by little.  So she is doing a lot better.  She has a concussion but is improving and today we are going to spend some time with her in the hospital and play games.  So this week consisted of lots of hospital not so much food and a whole lot of surprises.  Welcome to Peru.

My sector is dece.  We are on the prowl for those who are prepared and pumped to baptize them all!!

Les amo the church is true and miracles exist never stop believing!!!

Abel's baptism

brave and strong brave and strong lol

mi new compi

28th with our pensionista.  (Note:  Not sure what the significance of the 28th is.)

happy birthday peru 

Claudia's baptism 

not how i thought my Sunday would be spent lol 

i made a mess woops.... also this hosptal is pituCASA!! (still not for me im fine)

more happy birthday peru

elevator selfies in the clinic (not for me I'm fine)

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